Wampus Cat

They said I was sneaking around,
silent as a grudge,
listening in on their conversation.

It's their council fire, you know.
They discuss lacrosse,
and similar such like.
They imagine that women burn to know what they yap about.

The shaman set aside his jerky,
and rose up.
My half-grown niece has more magic in her Juju dolls
than ten medicine men working the mystical expression.

Anyway, they think they turned me into a wampus cat
as punishment for my wicked spying.
Rare, the wampus cat
that I already was, already was, already was.

Many's the dawn when I saw white man's angels coming down;
many the feathers in my wampus cat mouth
by the time I was finished fooling with them
and the sun rose high.

Lacrosse player,
where is your wife?
Soft stepping with the wampus cat
to a place where fallen pine needles are welcoming and warm.

They said I was sneaking around;
I was.
They said the shaman turned me into a wampus cat;
too late for that.

Good thing, I think,
when men get solemn and injured like they do,
that a wampus cat, like any cat,
cannot smile and is sly enough to keep her eyes downcast.


for Margaret's challenge at Real Toads! 



Some people just aren't as interesting as they think they are and you are wise not to let them know it.
hedgewitch said…
Too late for that, indeed. I like your reversal of the usual concept of a coven, to a bunch of hairy guys talking about sports arcana, instead of sinister women mumbling incantations around a cauldron--and of course, those who are cursed, ignored and excluded often have a way of getting the last laugh, or perhaps, demure feline purr. I love the way your mind works.
Sioux Roslawski said…
This is such a magical swirl of lines.

A great way to start a holiday...
Hannah said…
Awesome image to close with and lines as well...I like the inclusion of shaman. Nice aspect to muse on, Shay!!
TexWisGirl said…
you definitely have a feline personality. :)
Mama Zen said…
That last stanza may have saved my entire day. Just sayin' . . .
Anonymous said…
Ha! Wampus sounds better than wampum. Very clever. K.
Sherry Blue Sky said…
Fantastic! Love "too late for that" and the keeping of the eyes downcast, always a smart thing to do around men.
Lolamouse said…
Ah yes, the men always assume they are the smart ones, eh? Meanwhile the wampus cat slinks around gathering real knowledge and power.
Love it!
Unknown said…
hah!! i'm very sceptical about magic myself... i do think most of the people who claim to do magical stuff are just cons... a very cute write up fireblossom... cheers!!
Unknown said…
hah!! i'm very sceptical about magic myself... i do think most of the people who claim to do magical stuff are just cons... a very cute write up fireblossom... cheers!!
Cloudia said…
Already are. . .

ALOHA from Honolulu
=^..^= <3
Lydia said…
You must be the reincarnated spirit of a devilishly wise teepee princess, else how would you be able to know these things....

Jim said…
Hi Shay ~~ I could tell that you had just been waiting to write this poem. Lovely, good reading, and all-plus the sensuous picture.

The whole thing reminded me of Wilson's Pickett song, Mustang Sally (but you went places he didn't dare sing about):

"... Mustang Sally, think you better slow your mustang down.
You been running all over the town now.
Oh! I guess I'll have to put your flat feet on the ground.
All you want to do is ride around Sally, ride, Sally, ride. ...

Thank you,
Daryl said…
'too late for that' indeed
Margaret said…
"many the feathers in my wampus cat mouth"

You know, there really is a black cat that lives at "Blackbeard's Lodge" a historic hotel. Actually, they had a male black cat for almost 20 years and then the day it died a black female cat showed up. Not many black cats on the island … they say it has Teach's spirit inside it… :) Either way, it doesn't sound like it stands a chance against your Wampus cat. And go figure, is it ever possible for men to EVER figure women out? Loved this!
Kerry O'Connor said…
"Wampus Cat" is just an amazing name to work with and you have done it justice in this tale. I also love the picture at the end.. Naughty Kitty!
Sara said…
WHAT FUN! I loved how you managed to keep us going with the picture slowly starting to appear. When I got the end of the poem and saw the picture...well, let's just say my laughter woke up Aggie. She meowed at me and curled right up. Typical cat:~)
Susie Clevenger said…
"silent as a grudge" love that. Men gather in their testosterone lodges and get testy that a woman might here their dribble. lol Love where you took this Wampus Kitty.

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