Emilie Sagee's Complaint

I was framed.
I don't care what fifty people said--
that I marched right up to the pulpit and kissed the priest;
then laid one on the nun as well.

I skipped Mass that day and took a nap.
Why do people lie?
Besides, no twin would bother 
aping one so very dull as I. 

for flash 55. 



The Bizza said…
I'm terrified of ghost stories, so I didn't watch the video. Still, I love the indignation of the speaker at having been framed.

I sure hope nothing bad happened to her... *fingers crossed*
Cloudia said…
Liberated by retirement, your imagination might go ANYWHERE!
The back story is fascinating, and quite spooky. I love your indignantly innocent version of the protagonist, as well as the exploits you suppose for her doppelganger.
. said…
I believe her.
angie said…
Aping? That word:) that spunk 👍🏻
Liars are creatives
Anonymous said…
I love whimsical indignation of the poem. In (catholic) high school, we had a set of identical twins who would very much cause mischief like this a few times a year.
brudberg said…
Love the backstory even if it sent me googling.... you might even wonder who was lying though.
hedgewitch said…
Fascinating you-tube tale, very typical of the era, and in one of your favorite settings, as well. The poem gives a rather ironic and even defiant twist to the story, and one which in language and content is pure trademark Fireblossom.
Sanaa Rizvi said…
The backstory is quite intriguing and your poem is absolutely spot on.. the indignation of the protagonist as well as innocence.
Blogoratti said…
What a tale, and keeps the imagination running. Greetings.
Sherry Blue Sky said…
We all benefit by your retiring, as we get to read more poems! LOL. Is Zacky-peanut grinning with mad joy that you are home all the time?
Kerry O'Connor said…
What a fascinating tale. That era is a ripe breeding ground for tales of the supernatural. Cool stuff as basis for poetry.

I like the wry humour in your poem, how I am left wondering if Emilie got quite adept at taking full advantage of her twin.

Sreeja said…
Fascinating story...a very innocent complaint!
Lynn said…
Wow - well done, FB!
my dear,
are def. NOT dull! x
grapeling said…
no one could copy you, Shay. pure original. ~
Margaret said…
... but SHE never saw her identical image - interesting YouTube video... not scary - just interesting. I think I will refrain from telling my 9 year old son - he'd love to use this as an excuse :)

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