Rotten Fruit

Here is your rotten fruit
taken from a gorgeous vine--
the lush one, the lovely one
in its season--mine.

Roll the dough, crimp the crust,
spoon the rotten fruit inside--
bake it well, then go to hell
where with these sweets you may abide.

for Poetry Pantry #358.



angie said…
reminds me of baking those blackbirds in a pie...sinister. Love the Hemingway quote!
grapeling said…
how it rolls off the tongue, sweetly sinister ~
Sherry Blue Sky said…
Wow, lovely to see you at Poets United, kiddo. I thought of the blackbirds in a pie too, as I those lush over-ripe fruits go off............thanks for stopping by!
annell4 said…
I enjoyed your write...wish I wouldn't buy fruit, think I'll make a pie, and they are all seems to happen overnight.
Mary said…
I cab definitely think of someone (political personage) to whom I would like to give such a pie!
Dani H said…
did you know pie is one of the six basic food groups? pie, donuts, coffee, Mexican food, Chinese food and potato chips/french fries (they share a group.)

Mama Zen said…
Sharp, clear, and beautifully executed.
signed...bkm said…
Lots of rotten fruit out there literally and figuratively...bkm
hedgewitch said…
I don't know how you are able to say so much with such a simple simile--but you always do, and whatever the darkness involved, the end product is still a delight, full of home truths.

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