Minutes of The Marvell-Herrick Society

Everybody talks about
mass death
like it's a bad thing.

Gray skies are gonna clear up--
put on a bird-mask face
with roses 
under your noses--
yeah that's the way.

Everybody talks about
heads with crowns
like that shit really matters.

Kiss me, honey,
Old Time is still a-flying.
It's not love
but it's not bad,
and what's the dif if we're dying?

Gathering rosebuds while I may, for Mama Zen's "Words Count." And yes, I really drew the Death card. You expected I would get the six of cups?




Susie Clevenger said…
Yes, what's the difference. Oh, I love that title!
Sanaa Rizvi said…
Leave it to you to dance with death in style!! This is awesome!!
Magaly Guerrero said…
Indeed! Might as well dance and kiss, while the bones are still flesh-clad.

Love the card and the dancing bony. ;-)
Sioux Roslawski said…
Shay--I loved the fun you had with the first two lines of the second stanza. (And isn't that Emmylou? It sure sounds like her.)
Anonymous said…
This was fun. But isn't that what life should be?
Brendan said…
Death's the dude in the blue suede shoes; who are we to demur?
hedgewitch said…
When you're dancin' with Mr. D, does it really matter if it's the foxtrot or the funky chicken? It's a danse macabre, either way. This one made me smile.
Anonymous said…
Ah! No difference indeed. That's a bewitching verse, with a dazzling dance of death interrupted by the folly of love.
Rommy said…
I'm digging the gallows humor of this piece. The way you played with the word phrases was all sorts of fun. I like a little whimsy with my death.
Maude Lynn said…
I adore this! I love starting my morning on a positive note.
Kerry O'Connor said…
what's the dif indeed?
I had the pleasure of Death's company not too long ago.. lucky for me, he was only passing by.
Gillena Cox said…
A life full of dance; dancing to every beat, not wasting any strains

A poem carries a personal edge

much love...
Love it, love it, love it – and you got me at the title.
Shadow said…
Life does what life does, appreciate the moments......
Margaret said…
only you could make macabre seem like a glorious party! Loved this (Sorry it took so long to visit and respond to this prompt.)