Danger is everywhere--
at the bottom of a tea cup,
hidden in the fold of a newspaper,
tucked under the curve of your lover's breast.

Go ahead, scream;
it's your perfect right.

Those trapped in nightmares are paralyzed.
"You sustain me," is a sibilant statement,
often sincerely lisped by those with lipstick on their teeth. 

Another Flash 55 for my BFF.  



hedgewitch said…
This is sharp as a fang. You reveal something we don;t want to think about--that we live surrounded by vague and hidden threats, by concealed pointy objects or mysterious sonic waves or undetectable gases...I especially love the last line of the first stanza--no telling what you might find there. Thanks for the double shot, and for the Steely Dan blast from the past.
Cloudia said…
Slice of nightmare?
angie said…
Sharks can’t stop swimming. And I can’t keep up with your brilliance! I’ll go ahead and concede that much. You are chumming and churning these poetry waters just with dipping in one little toe
. said…
"'You sustain me,' is a sibilant statement"

You are a brilliant poet. What you did in the first stanza is a perfect illustration of why I love your poetry so much. You word it just so, not just saying what you're saying, but carefully hiding what you're hiding --- guiding me gently to unwrap the layers and masterfully crafted suggestions, moments later offering the intangible gift of revelation.
Sherry Blue Sky said…
Loved the poem , as well as the comments! Very cool.
brudberg said…
I often wake up screaming... now I know why
Kerry O'Connor said…
Where you find these pics I don't know, but this one is perfectly hilarious.
Note to self: I do have a right to scream - no more holding back.
Other Mary said…
Ha - and explains why I am resistant to doing laundry.
hyperCRYPTICal said…
Love the close - my teeth need wiping...
Anna :o]

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