Because A Thing Is Not Real

Jus because a thing is snot real is no reason
to toss Baby out wit bath water, rye?
What snot got fins
my have wings, and looka you wit boph feet in lead boots.

Am I not serious jus cus
I fye sunflower in either han when I wan?
Can feel stem, face, yello starburss unda my touch,
sun hot on my skin,
and looka you wit all da fax, cand feel a thing
Who got tye fo dah?

Got lotsa say, in words my own chose seff, 
dun mean ain't got the Queen's English at my disposal dependin
wut planet spin unda me at any gibbon moment, babe.


Sherry Blue Sky said…
lub lub! I love "all da fax, cand feel a thing". Yup. I totally enjoy waiting to see what planet is spinning under you at any given moment, and what you will write next. It keeps me going.
brudberg said…
Enjoyed the accent... but a tad hard for a poor Swedish guy :-)
Sioux Roslawski said…
Shay--I just pretended it was one of my more inventive spellers that wrote this... ;) That way, I could read it easily.
tonispencer said…
And as I wind my way through the underpants I have to arsk, What Snot, Real? Luv or dub, hippopotamuses rule. Word. Good jab, Fire
Kerry O'Connor said…
Now I know it's going to be a happy new year..
Sanaa Rizvi said…
I love this!💞 Happy New Year, Shay!💞
Brendan said…
Oodles of bodyart in waif English.
I don't know what vernacular this is, but I think it's delectable!
Anonymous said…
wubbish engrish but i unerstud. well dun.
Lynn said…
Love that dialect!

Happy New Year, Shay!
Unknown said…
Fun poem!
MNL (Cactus Haiku)

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