Music Box Church Bells

Music box church bells
over river rocks in a week-long dream;
the rosewood resonance still there come the daylight hour
with walnut splines for the curve of that fine aural wheel.

Music box church bells
in the snow-brush fingers of your gloves at sunset fall
with quilted maple and the movement gone melodious 
was religion enough, and that's love...that's all.

for Tree Sisters.

Thank you to The Wood Whisperer for information about making a music box. 



Carrie Van Horn said…
Oh the many things we enjoy in life that a tree fell for. Love the angle you went with this one Shay. Brilliant as always!!
brudberg said…
For my Sundays simply the sound of the bells is enough... i prefer the sermon of snow in the woods.
Sherry Blue Sky said…
Oh, and this poem is exactly enough, in its perfection.
Kerry O'Connor said…
Religion enough, indeed!
Susie Clevenger said…
Sunday church bells... I love the sound. I would rather go to my spiritual place with the sound and not the walls. Beautiful piece
. said…
I am in awe of this piece --- the first two lines, the phrases "rosewood resonance," "walnut splines," "snow-brush fingers," and "with quilted maple" ... So tender and gorgeous, Shay.

The ending language at the end makes me imagine the beloved has died.

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