Faith Dentistry

Here at the Church of the Broken Tooth,
we are all feeling nervy.
We have been handed envelopes for tithing,
and our own personal Jesus Action Figures
perfect for use as candles or cudgels.

We do not suffer the loony veteran.
We cannot condone the homosexual.
This is God's will, not ours.
We have rent our garments and need needles
and smaller, oh much smaller camels,
though filthy and willful beasts they be.

We of the Broken Tooth faith community
take to the streets, with placards to protect the unborn,
except, of course, for our Allison
"away at bible camp"
until she returns, in time for Christmas,
her body once again an empty and lesser vessel. 


angie said…
Are you shanking me with a Jesus Action Figure? it figures that he is sharper than an two-edged sword. It cuts me up about Allison. Curious about this Allison.
. said…
"perfect for use as candles or cudgels" ... Wow. Just wow.

That last stanza gave me chills (and tears). It's pretty much spot on, isn't it --- in a very scary way, for a mother of four potentially empty vessels. That's the thing about truth. It's often absolutely terrifying.

Sometimes I think parenting is so daunting that we reach out in every direction, trying to "help" someone in some small way --- because ultimately we fear we can't really help our kids or ourselves. So we make meals for mourners and chastise the "lost" while neglecting our homes.
hedgewitch said…
As a wise person once said, "I have nothing against Jesus, I just can't stand his fan club." The middle stanza with the increasing willful but small camels was my favorite--which of course, takes nothing away from the dry and crackling wit and somewhat dismaying social commentary of the rest.
Sherry Blue Sky said…
What Joy said. Loved the camels, and the spot-on social commentary. And the girl sent away, out of sight, is classic. Love the name of the church, lol.
Sioux Roslawski said…
"...away at bible camp."


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