New Garden

My robot fucked the 7-11 chick--
she'd guessed the access code.
Amid disassembled hardware, I located and removed
my emotional investment.

New garden. No succulents. 
I bang the yield in walls with a hammer.
I erect abstract sculpture the neighbors hate.

I go on, exploded,
hating inevitable outcomes
and the rattle of my seed-pod heart. 

A flash 55 for my BFF.

image: from the sci-fi movie "Ex Machina" 


Trådløs said…
Ugh. Breaking up is painful, no matter the reason
I love the see-pod heart
hedgewitch said…
That second line hits like a metal fist. A figurative garden for les fleurs du mal, indeed--and a rather thorny harvest which doesn't seem able to yield, except to that guy with the scythe, maybe--but fortunately, robots are ignorant of seeds, though they may come in pods of a sort. An intricate and devilish 55, Shay--always glad when you are able to play, with or without artificial playmates in tow. (And now I want to check the "I am not a robot" box, on general principles. ;_) )
angie said…
This is my new favorite 7-11 reference ever!!
And at least your heart still has seed pods:) I was surfing Lana Del Rey tunes earlier too. Does that out me in your same succulent free garden or sucky-free one?? You hammer these out so effortlessly 💜💐
Kerry O'Connor said…
I read this late last night and laughed out loud at lines 3 and 4.
Trust me, the need to disassemble the emotional attachment is not something I take lightly. The battle between the yin and yang of loving wages forth.

hyperCRYPTICal said…
Breaking up is a shit, especially when knowing our robots (barstewards that they are) slept around; we disinvest, set new parameters, but
in our seed-pod hearts, hope springs eternal…
Anna :o]
Kerry O'Connor said…
Shay, I continued the yin yang tennis match for Brendan's prompt.

Susie Clevenger said…
Oh, God, I love this! That opening kills me!
Sherry Blue Sky said…
I love it, too, especially the seed pod heart.
. said…
I love that you are so gifted, you can go from the voice in the previous poem to this voice ... or vice versa, as it were.

"Amid disassembled hardware, I located and removed
my emotional investment."

Wow. And this:

"I go on, exploded,
hating inevitable outcomes"

For reasons to go unexpressed, I believe the speaker to be a man. I enjoyed this reading very much.

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