Floral Arrangement

When time has come for me to rot,
forget forget-me-nots.

Place touch-me-nots upon my grave--
no rose, nor lily, nor daisy;
and dig it far from madding crowd--
the loud, the false, the crazy.

Say few words, if any you must--
and lace them through with laughter
that unrepentant madmen know--
then silence ever after. 

A flash 55 for my BFF's weekly bacchanal. 



hedgewitch said…
This ties a hundred thoughts and feelings that might be reduced to confusion and snarl into a simple arrangement of personal truth. The image of the touch me not(here I am thinking, the one from the mimosa family that curls up at a touch)replacing the forget me not is one of those nuanced constructions of image and emotion which you do so well, a symbol that says a thousand words using the bare minimum. As always, you bring your own gift to the form, and the last lines present it in a flourish of falling petals. Thanks so much for playing, Shay, and also thanks for starting off the weekend in the most kickass fashion.
Love love loved it. Love Tom Waits too.
Kerry O'Connor said…
Sounds good to me! I'll have the same.
Sioux Roslawski said…
Shay--Wow. Short and sweet plus a rhyme scheme.

A. Mazing.
Susie Clevenger said…
Yes, bury me where the grumbles of crowds won't invade my grave. Love this!
Angie said…
No cry babies allowed. Got it. You are one tough broad. Hard to forget
Magaly Guerrero said…
Where I grew up, touch-me-nots are called morir-vivir, to live-to die, in Spanish. I've always thought they would be perfect for grave decor.
grapeling said…
damn, that's great ~
brudberg said…
Silence is perfect for me...
and place dandelions on my grave
hyperCRYPTICal said…
Silence is good for me too. Don't want no fancy funeral either.
Love your write.
Anna :o]