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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

For Evelyn

The blade and the apple

Were that summer's favorite lovers--

The blade, so charming and sharp,

The apple ripe and ready;

One wet, the other grey

Just like the electric sky.

"Come inside me, " said the apple--

And, in a single motion,

The blade sliced through her

Without a second thought.

For a short time, they lay together,

Their two bodies one--

But in the end,

The blade kept only a few moist drops of her

And, unchanged at its heart,

Will do this many times again.

But the apple

Can never more be whole,

She'll not shine red and perfect

As she did in breathless moments before the storm.



  1. This my friend is beautiful. So delicate that I found myself whispering the words across my lips so as not brake the spell that you have woven. Why have I not found your web page before this? I must link to you and return again.


  2. Thank you, Beloved Dreamer. I'm so glad my poem spoke to you, and yes, please visit any time.

  3. Oh, that lovely, but also so sad.

  4. Cynthia, I am not at all convinced that great beauty is a blessing to the woman who has it. Especially if she is young.

  5. This is powerful. I can really relate to this poem, and I like the form that you used. Most of all though, I like how you chose apple and blade to represent lovers and how the blade remains unchanged but the apple will forever carry the scars of their love.

  6. I'm really pleased that you took the trouble to find tis and read it, Grace, and that you liked it!

    I wrote it after reading Paula Uruburu's book "American Eve." The poem is about Evelyn Nesbit and Stanford White.


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