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Saturday, June 7, 2008


A woman is fixing popcorn

When, unexpectedly,

She explodes

From all she had kept within.

Suddenly bulbous, unwieldy,

Yet oddly free,

She crashes through her house, disturbing everything.

"You're not the same person I fell for in high school," complains the husband.

"And you are," complains the wife.

She pours herself into the outside world

As if it were a big, pretty bowl.

She starts the Popcorn Institute

Where large women

Do large things


"Look at her," snipe some of her unpopped sisters,

"A size 16 if she's anything."

But they are small, dark, unappealing,

Like mouse droppings.

She is warm,


Desired by all.



  1. ha. i really liked this. i thought it was unique, clever, funny. it had a great voice. loved the double meanings and the way the poem told a story.

    thanks for stopping by my page. :) i think the model book sounds very interesting.

  2. Hello Lissa, it's great to see you here at the Word Garden! The name of your blog is too cute by half, btw, I love it.

    Thanks for your very kind comments!

  3. Sharkbutt says to tell you that mouse droppings are good references for something spectacularly unappealing.

    I say at least size 16 ensures delectable curves.

  4. oOo, what lil Sharkbutt says, goes, around here.

    And...I'm a sexy size 14, thank you very much, and proud of it!

  5. I like this, especially "fluffy" there near the end. I stopped by after seeing you listed as Poet of the Week on the Poets Who Blog site.

  6. Oh my goodness, I hadn't even known I was! Thank you, AE, both for your kind comment on my poem, and for letting me know about the PWB thing.


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