Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Cosa Bella

(this is not really a poem. I am not sure just what it is. But it expresses what I want to say, and it's my blog, so there!)

The woman in the dvd I am watching has perfectly arched eyebrows.

This makes me feel that she is worlds better than me and that i am a failure.

I think to myself that that actress exists to torment me.

Then I think, do you think she just rolls out of bed looking like that?

The credits say otherwise.

If my life were a movie, these would be my credits:

Miss Fireblossom's make-up: Fireblossom

Miss Fireblossom's wardrobe: Fireblossom

Miss Fireblossom's hair: Fireblossom. Well ok, sometimes Jaime at Woodward Avenue Salon. It stays perfect for a day, til i wash it.

Miss Fireblossom's body double: Fireblossom

Miss Fireblossom's stunt double: Fireblossom

Catering for Miss Fireblossom: Fireblossom's One Woman Catering.

Fireblossom Fan Club: fireblossom32@gmail

Inquiries: Fireblossom Talent and Booking Agency
Assistant to Miss Fireblossom: Bosco

My eyebrows are still fucked up. But i feel better now. RAWR.



Riot Kitty said...

Does that mean I'm a member of the Fireblossom fan club? LOL!

Anonymous said...

I'll do your eyebrows, hair, and wardrobe :) Not that you need it. So there.

Anonymous said...

aww! I'm sorry you're having Eyebrow problems. right now I'm letting part one of my eyebrows grow in more so it can match the other one because for some reason I always pluck my right eye brow more than the is very strange. Anyway...the hairs that are growing in are trying to be unique and pointing the opposite way as the other ones :P

Shadow said...

my credits are about the same as yours...

bumblebee said...

me too on the right side being more tweezed than the left only I keep tweezing until Im left with almost nothing... :D

Shay darling, you are perfect as you are. OK you tend to skimp on the glitter but thats no biggie really *sprinkles some on your head* :p

Daryl said...

Okay .. here's my advice .. step away from the mirror, put down the tweezers, I know you are sober but something happens when a woman stands in front of a mirror with tweezers, its like being drunk, you lose control, you tweeze way too much ... I suggest letting them grow in,I know its not easy, but try, and then go to someone recommended highly who does brows .. learn, Grasshopper from a master .. but til then back away from the mirror, put down the tweezers!

Gabriella Moonlight said...

Oh my goodness, I so want to be a part of your fan club too! I liked this post a lot as it shows me that you know, I would have the same credits, outside of sometimes my hair would be done by small dogs who walk on it during the night and makeup that gets slept it that smoky feel...LOL!

Hope you're well!

Pouty Lips said...

Can I join?

Fireblossom said...

I loved all your comments, ladies. I am backing away from the mirror and slowly setting the tweezers down. Now bring me a waxing kit and a million in small bills and nobody gets hurt! ;-)

mac said...


I think this one was not meant for me ;-)

My eyebrows are funky And are staying that way !