Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Lemon Laughed

I cut a lemon in half, and from its heart

Came a spray of words, vulgar, stinging.

The vile fruit stained pages full of poetry,

It outstripped me,

It published obsessively.

It left itself everyplace, like some sort of acidic gospel.

I said, well,

That's just fine.

I picked it up,

Used it for an eye,

And saw a crazy dandelion world through the burning.

I tell you,

I wept.

The lemon mocked me.

Each half claimed to be more than I was, whole;

It insulted me,

Because that's how it rolls.

I said, listen,

I don't have to take this from some bald, jaundiced little turd who can't even stand up.

How dare you?

Who do you think you are?

At this, the lemon laughed.

"Rage on," it said.

"You, with the knife in your hand."



Miss `Chievous said...

I'm starting to love your thoughts. Great one.

Lolamouse said...

If you're going to talk to the fruit, may I suggest bananas-they're much more a-peeling! Or maybe oranges-they always have something juicy to say. While lemons can certainly be pithy, their wit is quite acidic.

Brian Miller said...

gosh such a sour puss...

HermanTurnip said...

I used to think I had a lont of internal, pent-up, angsty rage, but my doctor told me that I was simply lacking fiber in my diet. I'm much better now-a-days...

Brian Miller said...

you know what they say, when life give you lemons, find someone with a papercut and squeeze it on them...oh wait, i got that wrong...when life gives you lemons, use it for zest so you can skip a shower will get it eventually....when life give you lemons....

Sherry Blue Sky said...

Shay, you absolutely slay me. This just rocks. I love "it insulted me because that's how it rolls." You made my day with this!!!!!

mac said...

I'd chop it some more, then see if it's still such a sourpuss. Maybe I would even make lemon-aid from it. Or a car ;-)

Helen said...

Would love to see what you would do with a pineapple ....

Cloudia said...

wow, a real gem!!!!!!!

Aloha from Waikiki

Comfort Spiral




hedgewitch said...

It published excessively...but did it have wild adventurous drunken intercourse with hairy goatherds??? Of course not. It's nothing--nothing, I tell ya. A zero.

Girl, you slay me.

Raven said...

Oh girl, that was phenomenal!! 'like some sort of acidic gospel' Fabulous!!

Mama Zen said...

Might I suggest a goddamn salt shaker?

Sara said...


This was fun. I loved this line, "like some sort of acidic gospel." LOL

Only you could write a poem like this one featuring a lemon.

I also liked the conversation. I say take that knife and use it. Then again, your lemon sounds a bit like the Black Knight in Monty Python's Holy Grail:~)

Daryl said...

The yellow guy has a point ..

jen revved said...

not a sour puss at all-- a dance, a taste of lemonade in the throat-- you have such a wonderful touch, acrid and acidic humor but always loving-- I do miss that edge in my own work. xxxj

ayala said...

Shay, this wa very cool!

Lisa said...

I have never read better poetry in my life, than yours - FOR REAL. I love poetry because of you. FOR REAL. You've had to have written until the top of your head blew off - and I think of that when I think of writing today. How I need to let self imposed limitions drop away until all that is inside spews out. If you can do THIS with a lemon - come to my world, I have insanely untapped material here. xx

Anonymous said...

i adore your writing and your wit!

ab said...

I love this one! You blend philosophy and humour beautifully.