Saturday, June 18, 2011

Electric Dawn

(done in the style of Jim Morrison for Saturday Celebrations at One Stop Poetry)

In the electric dawn,
Revelers appear like hellflowers--
Bones and batons meet...
Unbalanced lovers who devour each other.

A guy and a girl feel like they're in a movie--
Sea creatures froth and surge
Melting in primal acid bloom
Sweeping past
& smoothing them,
Left behind perfect as shells.

Every revolution starts with a kiss
Between stars and tarmac--
Unable to hold either,
They find each other
& fit
Like bullets in a chamber.

In the electric dawn,
Death wears boots,
Bringing graffiti cross-flowers to the cold husk of the poet
Held like a leaf in a stone hand
Where the water runs.

Every revolution starts with a kiss,
Then turns its back on itself.
The theater closes--
Every revolution ends in silence.



Brian Miller said...

i want a revolution starting kiss...might even be persuaded on batons...oh wait this is not one of your steamy poems...i particularly lik the last 2 stanzaz begins with a kiss and ends in silence...hmmm

Natasha said...

Girl...this is awesome! I was born a child of the 60's in the 70's cursed to growing up in the 80's! You can imagine LOL Not only have you done the prompt've included my favorite song! HUGE standing ovation from the nosebleed seats on this one. You go!

Anonymous said...

"Electric Dawn" gave me shivers!

"In the electric dawn,
Revelers appear like hellflowers-"

"Every revolution starts with a kiss"

"Every revolution ends in silence."

you've even outdone yourself, Shay! this is amazing...brilliant...stunning!!!

i used to know the story behind the photo at the Morrison Hotel but my memory is totally shit now.

this is really a FABulous poem! Love it!!!
dani ♥

hedgewitch said...

This is beyond excellent, every word like a hard bright diamond. You took this picture and ran with it all the way to orbital levels. They so do look like sea creatures, and the last three stanzas--unbelievable. Fine writing, Lizard Monarch. And thanks for the Morrison--been a few years too many since I listened to the crazy poet he was.

Heaven said...

Make love, not war!

I like that story actually though it was an accident and he was comforting her, it made a very good backdrop.

Your line, every revolution starts with a kiss... is thought provoking indeed.

Great post~

Lynn said...

That photo is incredible and your post is too.

Sherry Blue Sky said...

Oh my freaking God! Every word a bullet that hits home. Absolutely brilliant writing, with every word and image I am thinking How does she DO that? at the same time knowing not a single solitary word could have said it better. Whew! I feel pistol-whipped, just from reading. You are a genius! I'm just sayin'.......

moondustwriter said...

starts with a kiss...
ends in silence

that silence is resounding in finality

Excellent Shay
thanks for the comment
smiles from a moon

C Rose said...

"Sea creatures froth and surge
Melting in primal acid bloom"

Loved this couplet! Beautiful refrain line, works well for the whole write. Much enjoyed! ~ Rose

Lolamouse said...

I love "Every revolution starts with a kiss." Such a cool line! And I love the photo!

flaubert said...

Shay, I was here earlier, read this ... I know I commented ...what the hey! Well, anyhow, again I will say this is brilliant. It all starts with the first kiss, which is the kiss of death or silence, if you will.


brenda w said...

Brilliant writing. You nailed the prompt. I love the idea of every revolution beginning with a kiss. Think I'll go start one.

Sioux said...

Brilliant photo, brilliant poem (as usual). I loved the idea of "Every revolution starts with a kiss...every revolution ends in silence." This spirit (as each your spirits do) deserves an extra special treat for this one!

TALON said...

That last line really sums it up brilliantly, Shay. And wasn't that photo captivating - it should be the poster shot for the slogan, "Make Love, Not War!" :)

Anonymous said...

This has gone popular.
"We're looking for the kissing couple in this photo," CBC News tweeted at 10am Thursday "Know them?"

It's got to be electric when revolution starts with a kiss.

ami de manila said...

Reminds me of my place.It resounds so clearly, like an echo

Mama Zen said...

Brilliant nod to the Lizard King.

I used to do Texas Radio and the Big Beat with my band. Always loved doing it.