Monday, June 6, 2011


My desire to steal has become so keen

That I can balance on it,

Out here,

Like a black cat carrying a bird through daisies.

Your bedroom window glass was keeping us apart, and so

I wrapped my red kimono around my fist and broke it,

And now, for a minute,

There is a naked woman standing with her toes in your dewy lawn.

The sound woke him.

He asked you, "Who is it, dear?"

You said,

"A banshee and her hound."

You said,

"Sugar melted in cream."

You said

Something in Romany and the sun rose higher.

My desire to steal has become my heartbeat.

I touch nothing if it isn't your skin.

I could wait out here forever,

But I won't.




Send him away.

Let me in.

Believe me, my scorching dark dove,

The sky is always big enough

To hold every bird.



Brian Miller said...

well now, thievery never sounded so fun...delicious shay...almost as good as stroking glitter for sure...did it work? i mean i would just have to get a kimono, but last time i broke a window and stood naked in the yard well at least i got free room and board for a seriously you invite us into delightful fantasies...please send bail money.

G-Man said...

The overwhelming desire to steal?
....Or rescue?

Anonymous said...

O unrepentant gypsy, what rough magic you pack inside your manias. Don't stop now. A good night's sleep will make suburbanites of every couple. - Brendan

Sioux said...

I had the same idea as Brian, but want you to shun offers of bail.

After all, jail time means unlimited time to read and write. It sounds like paradise to me...

So demand--jail! No bail!

Lynn said...

That's pretty cool, Shay. :)

ellen abbott said...

oooo. what the hell is she waiting for?

Daryl said...

I hope the kimono didnt tear .. and that he got the hell outta there

Sean Vessey said...

Such passion for another to be willing to risk all for her kiss.
Great write. Thank you for sharing.

hedgewitch said...

Dark and seductive, every word spilling longing and desire and also promise; a thief's bargain but who is being robbed? I won't even comment on the level f free verse this is, from a writer who has made free verse her own wide ranging and malleable form. Love the Romany line, and the immaculate ending.

kez said...

what a maverick your story portrays ...loved it ..its fun yet dangerous thank you for sharing

Robert Lloyd said...

Wow Fire. You never fail to amaze me. Your words our wonderful. My favorite by far is:

Your bedroom window glass was keeping us apart, and so

I wrapped my red kimono around my fist and broke it,

I also must ask, where is this photo from? It's gorgeous and evocative. It reminds me of Raquel Welch's one million Years B.C.

Sherry Blue Sky said...

Wow! Scorching indeed. I especially love "like a black cat carrying a bird through daisies", "my scorching dark dove" and "the sky is always big enough to hold every bird." Sigh. I am replete. I need read nothing else today, this was such a feast.

Mama Zen said...

Truly, this stunned me silent (which doesn't make for much of a comment). It's perfect.

Kerry O'Connor said...

Just exquisite... I love everything about this poem. You have captured the wildest desire of the wildest spirit, with the finest blend of wit and beauty. An instant fave.

Anonymous said...

"Believe me, my scorching dark dove,
The sky is always big enough
To hold every bird."

I love your write, but I simply adore these closing lines! There is something so calming, yet terrifying in that.

signed...bkm said...

Great writing and love the cat carrying the black bird through daises...stealing takes many forms...this being one of the finest....thank you always for sharing your imagination and mind....bkm

Carrie Burtt said...

....well your writing stole my heart many cat lives ago Shay....i tried to leave a comment on your wonderful interview at Poets United, but had all kinds of would not i will do that here. I think you are truly an amazing writer and poet....just love the interview....peering into your world was wonderful. :-)

Beachanny said...

I never read your work that I'm not inspired and awestruck by your conciseness and precision. Each word packs such punch, each image so clearly yet tersely rendered. This piece is compelling and vivid. You are indeed wonderful. Gay

HermanTurnip said...

"The sky is always big enough
To hold every bird."

If I said that this poem wasn't charged with tangible emotion then I'd be a liar. *golf clap*!

Jannie Funster said...

Black cats in daisies with birds in their mouths.

Red kimonos stealing and steeling naked ladies.



Heaven said...

I love the imagery your words created in my mind... and I also love the ending phrases ~

Lolamouse said...

I love, love, love the last line!!! Did I mention that I love it? I think I did.