Saturday, April 21, 2012

Senora, See

Senora, see

how the rain on your window

cannot hold, and falls.

Such clarity breaks the heart;

and the dark iron soul of the Earth

calls the tiny drops

as if it were a dragon, and they, angels.

Senora, see

how I ramble, and tell stories,

all of them impossible and absurd.

When the sky clears, the stars will come out;

the street will shine, but we will be melancholy

knowing, as we do, that the shining is the rain

calling to its sisters above,

forever lost, without wings,

like us.


nene said...

Wonderfully spiritual and metaphysial.

We are of the iron earth but maybe soon once again we shall regain our wings and become that which we are, intrinsically.

We are one soul, all is One
Oneness (Tao)

Sioux said...

Your Spanish writing spirit was up early this morning, and what a wonderful job they did. Reward them with some tapas or some Sangria...They deserve it.

Brian Miller said...

this is really touching shay...the rain calling out to its sister above, forever lost...really like that part...

Kerry O'Connor said...

This is such an artistic poem: the nuance, the imagery, the tone. So, so good.

Marion said...

What a bittersweet, melancholy poem. Perfect for this rainy, cool day. xo

Shawna said...

Oh my, Shay. This is a moving piece.

"Such clarity breaks the heart" ... So true.

Love the imagery of the dragon calling to the angels, the darkness to the light, the earth to the rain ... as if they belong together, the one providing fire and firmness, the other offering moisture and delicacy.

"but we will be melancholy knowing" ... The couterpart to "Ignorance is bliss."

"calling to its sisters above,
forever lost, without wings,
like us" ... dragons, earth, rain, angels, all interconnected substances speaking without voices. What beautiful imagery.

To me, this poem is a call to action for the senora: the speaker wants her to see the invisible. And it seems that she has seen, she does know, the sky has cleared, but she is now trapped in melancholy by the knowing. Everyone is wingless, and it might be better not to see that. You should just tell her NOT to see so that she can remain jaded and smiling. ;)

Sherry Blue Sky said...

"such clarity breaks the heart" and the rain calling to its sisters, who are "forever lost, without wings". So sad, Shay. Incredibly beautiful, and painful. Like life.

hedgewitch said...

Impossible and absurd stories are what dreams live on, and dreams are what the soul lives on--so please never stop telling them--I'm already starving to death on this diet--I need my dream-food. :_)

The music was playing while I read this, and the melancholy just drips through your words while the sounds glance off and reflect what is glistening in the saucer of a cup that's overflowed with tears--shining with its own beauty. You are the best, Shay, at writing this sort of thing.(..and in so many other ways.)Thanks for the courage it takes to dip the pen in this heart's ink and tell the tale so we all live and suffer through it together.

Mama Zen said...

God, this is beautiful.

Lynn said...

Really beautiful.

Cloudia said...


William A. Sigler said...

That second stanza is especially beautiful -- ooh it hurts having your skin pulled away.

Daryl Edelstein said...

gave me the shivers .. in a good way