Monday, December 31, 2012

Book Review: "Movie Icons: Marlene Dietrich"

Marlene Dietrich (Taschen Movie Icon Series)Marlene Dietrich by James Ursini

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This is basically a coffee table book, which includes a great many glossy stills from Marlene Dietrich's movie career, as well as a few from her live shows. Also included are an array of movie posters. The book contains a number of interesting quotes from the lady herself, as well as people who knew or worked with her. There is a little bit of biographical text, as well as brief explanatory notes about the stills and photographs. All text is in three languages: English, German, and French.

Marlene Dietrich was a top tier star, a very sexy woman who flirted with both women and men and was as captivating in a man's tuxedo as she was in a Hollywood gown. This is a woman who, when offered the chance to be a star in Nazi-sponsored German movies (in 1933), basically told Hitler to stuff it, and became an American citizen. This book isn't meant to be an in-depth biography, but is well worth an hour's time for anyone who finds her fascinating...and who wouldn't?

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Sioux said...

Did someone get some books from Santa? ;)

Vesper said...

I find her more than fascinating.

Happy New Year, Shay!

Titus said...

May I recommend Larry Carr's 'Four Fabulous Faces'? Swanson, Garbo, Crawford and Dietrich. Wonderful stills, very good on how all four evolved their looks, and excellent on Dietrich's lighting requirements.

And Happy New Year!

Mama Zen said...

That sounds like one gorgeous book!

ayala said...

Happy New Year to you ! Best wishes.