Wednesday, October 30, 2013


Oh loosen up--
go ahead, go crazy,
open the mail on a Saturday.

I can see that you're gonna need my help.
Pop this--
you'll relax in a jiff.

Mama said,
"A girl's reputation is all she has got!"
I've got a whopper,
but don't believe everything they say.

what would happen
if you didn't buy that PR about the Red Sea
and how it turned into the fucking Dixie Highway
just cos Moses needed a fire exit?

Ooooh, you know what would happen!
The Dybbuk will get ya!
Well here I am. You peed your panties yet?

I've been misrepresented, yanno.
Mind if I sit closer?
See? I'm not some stenchy horror from a nightmare.
I've got French nails
and fishnets.
Nothing but class here, honey.

Lemme in, lemme in, lemme in!
What've you got to lose?
What're you gonna do--
keep the inventory at the family business
until you kill your mother in law or she kills you?

Almost asleep?
Let me rock ya.
Just let go and I'll slip into your skin.
We'll be together and then the fun begins.

Did you hear the one about
the Hasidic rabbi and the massage therapist?
Aw, she's asleep.
Time for me to make my entrance
and for the crickets to sing:

for Izy's Out Of Standard challenge at Real Toads



TexWisGirl said...

i had to google 'dybbuk'. and i'm glad for your tag on the whiskey - i went back and re-read the poem after thinking of both and it all made sense.

Kerry O'Connor said...

I love the voice in this poem. It is at once persuasive and malicious. Perfectly ghoulish for the season.

Grandmother (Mary) said...

Don't believe her oh so believable voice, don't be naive, you've heard it all before, stay vigilant, deep down you know how this ends. I was yelling out load by the end! Fabulously evil.

Herotomost said...

You always, make me smile. This was fabulous and like always more creative than one person should be allowed to be. Happy Halloween Shay!

Anonymous said...

mmm, Shay, slipping into something more comfortable? :) ~

Buddah Moskowitz said...

Please, a dybbuk can be ignored, but you, Shay, cannot.

Cloudia said...

Seductive threat!


Sherry Blue Sky said...

Ghoulishly perfect.

hedgewitch said...

Your dybbuk has a bit of that old nails on the blackboard touch to her...but she seems a most practical sort who will get the job done and that's what counts--love the crickets, the Red Sea parted for the Dixie Highway--quite a metaphor, actually--and I just can't imagine what possessed me to open the mail on a Saturday!

Kay L. Davies said...

"I've been misrepresented, yanno.
Mind if I sit closer?
See? I'm not some stenchy horror from a nightmare.
I've got French nails
and fishnets.
Nothing but class here, honey."

Shay, this stanza made me laugh and laugh.


Susie Clevenger said...

Nothing like well fashioned wicked!! Love this!!

Susan said...

Great greeting dybbuk to prey! What an entrance! And who will notice? The victim never did much talking anyway. Grin.

Sara said...

This was so much FUN to read aloud:~) For some reason it brought out my Southern accent.

I also had to look up "dybbuk." I had no idea what it was. Heaven for forbid, what we do without Google!

BTW I loved the word "F'rinstance." I never knew how to spell this word before, but do now.

How life's smiling on you and thank you for making me laugh the other day with your comment.

Sam Edge said...

This is right up your alley. I had to look Dybbuk up. Pretty cool i've never even heard of "Jewish Mythology" something new. Also love the JJ cover song.

Anonymous said...

I am somehow both lulled and eerily disturbed by this. Which is perfect chilling perfection. Well done.

Grace said...

I too had to look up Dybbuk ~ Different name, but familiar spirit ~ Enjoyed the conversation specially crickets singing when it slips into your skin ~ Good one Shay ~

Isadora Gruye said...

as always, you brought your A game to the out of standard. I too had to google dybbuk, but lrds I happy I did child. I love how you portray the dybbuk as simply trying to help out instead of maliciously taking over a body. Too clever for me, I am off to read it a third time! Thanks for posting! and viva la

Hannah said...

Soul inhabiting spirit...eeek...nicely done.

G-Man said...

They say Crimson and Clover is about 'Reds' and Grass...
I believe it!
Fishnets? I'm showing some off today...Happy Halloween FB said...

Love your authentic "VOICE."
Love that chick's tattoo! Xx

Lolamouse said...

Those Yiddish monsters are the worst! They'll kill you with guilt! I wanna hear the one about the rabbi and the massage therapist!

I used to play the Tommy James version of Crimson and Clover over and over (ha!) when I was a kid!

Mama Zen said...

Red Sea turning into the Dixie Highway; damn, I wish that I had come up with that.