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Saturday, September 20, 2014


Her man didn't understand
about the ghosts she said she heard.
The knocks, the noises,
the whispering voices--
impossible. Absurd.

Her man didn't believe in anything
he couldn't hold in his hand.
Such a feckless
show-me skeptic--
such a fucking man.

What was the thing that scared the children,
made them leave their room?
A creaking beam,
a childish dream?
Or maybe, just the moon!

At the stairs he declared there was nothing there,
then was pushed from the back.
He split his head,
now he's dead--
that's just a natural fact. 

for Kerry's "Superstition or Science?" challenge at Real Toads


  1. a bit of whimsy with a very dark edge. :)

  2. Haha! I love the blend of supernatural and the indisputable fact at the end. This was a lot of fun to read, Shay.

  3. Ha! Maybe he'll believe in ghosts now that he has become one!

  4. Ouch.. That was a rough end. Maybe he"ll return as a noisome poltergeist...

  5. Men! Feckless show-me skeptics! Love it ...

  6. Typical. I do love a happy ending, though.

  7. Revenge, indeed...."such a f*ing man!" LOL.

  8. LOL this was a fun romp of a read. I loved the rhyming and the tempo of this one.

    This is an odd comment, but it comes to mind regarding this poem. My husband is in a football pool. He's was having terrible luck, even though he investigated every team and used all the resources to tell which to pick.

    I teasingly suggested he just use his intuition and pick that way. Since then, he's almost won twice. He doesn't THINK about his choices, but just picks. I love that he trusted himself enough to do this:~)

  9. Ha! see what happens when you don't believe?

  10. Well... that'll teach him not to believe. Ha!


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