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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Girl Sphynx

She doesn't know,
and I would never let on.

Didn't I tell you?
I stopped wearing my rainbow jewelry to work.
I act so straight
that I can't even bend to sit down.

So there's this woman.
She has no idea.

She's warmer than a San Antonio tiled roof.
She smiles whenever she sees me,
but she's just nice to everybody.
She's got a husband, if I forgot to belabor the obvious.

I like to make her laugh.
She's cuter than sunflowers in June when she does.

God can she rock that orange tee shirt,
or any of those summer sweaters she's got.
She has gray eyes
and a heart shaped face.

I never let on.
I'm a riddle, a Sphynx, an aviatrix under the radar.

Yesterday she was kidding me the way she does.
She winked,
and I wavered mid-air, but
I never blushed, I swear.

for Izy's Out of Standard challenge at Real Toads: lies not well enough told.

image: Cristina Scabbia 



  1. You just never know, though...I love the sense of intimacy here, as the speaker lets you sip a bit of the sweet taste of her secrets, even if she has to keep all that from the person who matters more. Very nifty use of both 'sphinx' and 'aviatrix,' too. I also feel I must say, a wink is as good as a nod to a blind horse, for some reason.

  2. Yeah, and then some self assured gal cruises in and opens that right UP!

    ALOHA from Honolulu
    =^..^= . <3

  3. OMG? I act so straight that I can't even bend to sit down?? How in the world do you come up with these gems! Love, love this Shay!

  4. Excellent - this is the painful kinda the so straight cant's even bend to sit line...:)

  5. Lie to survive. How sad is that?

  6. I like what Sam said... and add a heartfelt sigh for any who suffers unrequited love.

  7. I TOAD-ally love this! So straight I cant sit down. Smiling. Plus the rainbow jewelry.

  8. So sad! Which makes it kind of funny. This one knows, I think, and resistance requires a kind of stubborness that defies expectation. O! to be able to flirt back like a straight woman would and keep her guessing.

  9. love that song.

    so, what lie was told better here? hmmm. ~

  10. Awww, better luck next time? I love your descriptions, and I sure would like to meet someone, "...warmer than a San Antonio tiled roof." Nice one Shay.

  11. "I act so straight
    that I can't even bend to sit down"

    love that!

  12. Brass in Pocket!!!! Squee!
    I really dig this piece, and love the duplicity of the narrators thoughts: her object of her affection is just that friendly with everyone. Me thinks there are so many levels here, I can live in this poem for the whole of September. Well done and viva la!!!!

  13. love the poem ~ fabulous take on the prompt ~ but which are the lies not well enough told? the ones every time you see her not letting on how you really feel or the lie at the end...

    "I never blushed, I swear."


    great music selection as well!


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