Sunday, October 11, 2015


I'd like to borrow your senses,
sight and smell.
What is coffee, or a kiss
by the time you're done with it?

My darling hyena, short of ass but blessed in jaw,
it's hard to tell what sex you are,
except for your feminine tendency
to make docile grass-eaters think they ran right into your maw.

Oh how we laughed over that, until, honey,
you noticed I have no spots, but brought the pride on every side.

"Curiosity killed the cat. Satisfaction brought her back."

For Kerry's mini-challenge at Real Toads.

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Kerry O'Connor said...

That whole second stanza is priceless (I wonder how many know that female hyenas dominate the pack?) This reminds me of those amazing animalist poems you wrote a while back, which featured African cats.
There is a wonderful sense of rhyme in the poem, which never feels forced but entirely natural and lends a great cadence throughout.

I know micro poetry is not your favourite thing, so I thank you for taking on this challenge.

brudberg said...

That image of a hyena is quite for from animal planet.. yet it bring to mind all those images I have seen (and quite a few I can only imagine)..

Gillena Cox said...

You have certainly sparked my interest for hyneas, i remember their bad attitude in The Lion King, a movie i truly enjoyed

Have a beautiful Sunday

MUCH love...

Mama Zen said...

"Short of ass but blessed in jaw." How cool is that?

hedgewitch said...

Some really acerbic, priceless lines in this, especially the second line--but really, aren't all we, I mean females, hyenas at heart? Unless of course, we have had the mischance to become prey. Love.

TexWisGirl said...

ditto to mama zen's comment!

Sherry Blue Sky said...

You write in a class all your own. And how we love it!!!!!

Susan said...

I envy cats of all sizes and stripes for their senses (though I'm frightened of the hyena's laugh). Here you turn the tables on the hyena with some satisfaction. It even makes ME happy!

Audrey Howitt aka Divalounger said...

Acerbic and witty, but more than that, maybe true---

Cloudia said...

You "brought the pride on every side" Shay



Rosemary Nissen-Wade said...

Oh, wonderful - and I particularly like the understated menace in the ending.

Petrus van Zyl said...

Great post. I enjoy your blog

Lynn said...

You have the best imagination!