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Sunday, July 9, 2017

Wild Memories

Wild memories!
Scat sermons!
July under a Full Buck Moon!

Police at the PTA!
Sunday gun running!
Milkmen amok in the Monday dawn! 

Wild libraries!
Potluck Jezebels!
Crash test dummies up for mayor in the Fall.

for fragile, natural, wild with Magaly at Real Toads. 

The phony pulp novel covers are from BOOKTRYST.



  1. Someone must flesh out these poetic headlines! :-D

  2. It's hard to shake my head, laugh and facepalm all at the same time, but I'm doing it. :_)

  3. You won't believe the synchronicity - but I just stepped outside and looked at the full moon, wondered what its name is and came back inside to read one last poem before calling it a day, only to get this line:

    July under a Full Buck Moon!

    The universe works in mysterious ways, you all.

  4. Super funny. Your poem better than covers and they are hilarious. Thanks for the smile. K.

  5. Grinning. You are hilarious...and wild!

  6. This is absolutely delightful!!❤️

  7. The "local author" one is the worst. Thanks for the chuckle.

  8. I too think the libararian wins. Very funny poem!

  9. Lol! I thought they were real at first. :)


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