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Thursday, November 2, 2017

Orphan Bus In The Underworld

When the Orphan bus in the Underworld stopped
for Unhappy Meals,
the orphans removed the driver's brain and fucked with it.
Out, then, from the dark,
back into mayhem and political doubletalk,
the Occupied Zone their parents died for.

Power comes to the innocent. The Virgin sees to this. 

First, a fish tank for the Premier,
gills and a ceremonial sash trailing in the algae.
Then, a pencil in the eye for every perved-out fat man,
and their scion sons putrefying inside local dance clubs. 

From a book bag--the Sun!
Roiling, blazing, launching sunspot flares!
Snowman parents, gooshy as Christmas;
running in Church allowed.

106 Words for Angie at Toads. Is 106 more than 100? The Orphans say no. 

It's "Orpheus IN the Underworld", not "AND the Underworld." No wonder the stupid boat sank.


  1. Greetings from the UK.

    Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

  2. You are slaying me here, Shay. I am seeing a very fat, very, Premier--trailing through the swamp-like interior of a scummy fishbowl, and hailing the Orphans, who obviously are the only ones who see what's what and don't owe anyone anything. I love the way you make the bitterest chocolate sarcasm so eminently digestible.

  3. 106. 106? It's allowed only because '6' used to be my favorite. And I can't do without 'Virgin, Church, Unhappy Meals, fucked, or gooshy.' Those 6 must remain. So glad you can be amazing with such simple word lists. I've got an orphan pencil sitting right on my desk that's begging me to do something amazing too...but after reading yours, I think I'd rather just fade out into a sunspot! Thanks Shay. Happy early Friyay.

  4. "Power comes to the innocent. The Virgin sees to this." I love this. Too much, the Orphan Bus....Every day I get on the bus....this is so good. I love those orphans!

  5. These orphans are serious! Nice one.

  6. Well. This is tremendously satisfying. Thank you!

  7. My goodness this is powerful! Especially like; "Then, a pencil in the eye for every perved-out fat man, and their scion sons putrefying inside local dance clubs."

  8. Those orphans means business... the fishtank and the pencil in the eye is unsettling, but worth every extra word

  9. Oh, I needed this. I feel like one of those orphans.. Cast out by word peddlers and philosophy pushers I can't abide anymore. Great writing as always!!

  10. Powerfully written with a few unsettling images thrown in for good measure!

  11. Promise me, power comes to the innocent. I am without hope ~~~ is it time for Spring Training to begin ??

  12. Your ability to create a space or setting which shrieks authenticity, no matter how fantastical it may be, is a skill I admire and envy. This is such a rollicking ride.


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