Pool Party

Olympic freestyle w/ jungle animals was an instant hit.

The world's top swimmers, driven by ambition and terror, amused the crowd with feats of athletic derring-do.

Behold the gentle panda

blocking lane three

and the gnu in two

basking elegantly.

It was indeed unfortunate about the hungry tigers

diving in and disturbing the plastic markers.

Next, we offer soccer w/ lion pride.

Test audiences loved it, sponsorships galore!

That's tonight at ten.

Gymnastics w/ wolverines tomorrow at four.


for Sunday Muse #144


  1. This is the most brilliant nonsense I have ever read! This is a hit for me my friend, and I love the tag, animal crackers!! Puurfection!!!

  2. When arthritis gets your writing down you could change to being a sports announcer. Covered your bases well, Shay.

  3. Ready for the next installment ... when you go 'humor' you are all in!

  4. What wondrous, clever fun. Can't wait for more!

  5. You NAILED this! Perfect 10s all across! And thank you for the best laugh of the day. (I vote for a follow-up post with the wolverine thing.)

  6. Love it! Gave me some much needed smiles. You always wow me.

  7. Aw, it ALMOST makes me wish I had TV! To be truthful, the longer I look at this image, the creepier it becomes. Your take had me laughing aloud, and reading it aloud.

  8. THESE athletic events I would definitetly watch...

  9. Ahahaha! It was *indeed* unfortunate about the tigers! Gonna watch the wolverines for sure. Wonderful.

  10. Bread and circuses, lions and tigers and wolverines. I expect to see this next football season. Bound to sell a lot of corn flakes, and topical anesthetic.

  11. It is one heck of an Olympic event, drinks all round! Great take Shay!


  12. This tone is perfect--kids' illustrated nonsense? horrific Hunger Games post-apocalyptic? And the wolverines are probably more limber than anyone suspects.

  13. haha - I think I needed a bit of humor today. Thank you for that!

  14. You brightened my evening with this winner!

  15. This is very funny, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. My favorite line, though, is the one that makes me imagine it inside an entirely different, more serene poem: “Behold the gentle panda.”


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