Sunday, October 26, 2008


Some demons get bored and go to Denny's.

The smoke alarms go insane,

And their ice waters must be continually refilled.

One demon takes a hissing sip and admits sheepishly, "I always wanted this in, you know, hell," and is smacked.

The waitress smiles as she approaches, but the demons scream and writhe in agony.

"Oh, sorry," she says, tucking her gold cross inside her shirt.

"What'll it be, ladies?" she asks them brightly as the edges of her order pad darken and curl.

The cook has taken a shine to the demon closest by, and he steals looks while his deep fryer bubbles and spits.

She catches him out and winks.

His face turns a devilish red.

The demons order chocolate cake.

"Sinful," sighs one.

The big window steams up as the flirty demon smiles slyly at the flustered cook,

Her coffee steaming away all the while, unattended.

Later, when the waitress comes back with their bill, one demon says, "Watch this!"

The demon next to her groans and mutters, "Not again..." as the first one shakes out a napkin and holds it up.

With a dramatic flair, she blows on it and it bursts into flame.

The waitress goes, "Oh my god," then makes a face and says, "I mean, you know, wow!"

The first demon grins until the second one kicks her under the table.

"Skirt chaser!" she chides.

The cook wishes his shift were done, and when he looks up,

He sees the clock's hands spinning crazily ahead.

"Walk a girl home?" asks the flirty demon, nibbling on a stick of red licorice.

One leaves with the waitress,

One with the cook,

And the others with coffees,

Bell, candle and book.



Shrinky said...

Wonderfully mischievious (still grinning), so spill, where can I find these demons, huh?

Oh Lord! My favourite Judy Collins track is a-playing now, (my da fished for the cod in Greenland)can't remember the last time I heard it.. oh boy, does that bring back some memories!

Kelly Dickson said...

(((((((((((shay))))))))))) i can sense the sinister behind the comedy, you are queen of that... *sits on a mushroom in the word garden* to observe more works pour forth... xxxxxx

Nichole said...

I love it when you're feeling comically snide. *smile*

O, you're tagged.

Fireblossom said...

Well Shrinky, you can find them at Denny's of course! Or whatever the UK equivalent is. Kelly might know.

I'm pleased the song brought back memories for you!

It's nice to see you here! :-)

Fireblossom said...

It's no use, K, Bosco has ferreted you out, hiding there.

And, sinister? Me? Mwahaha. ;-)

It's good to be Queen!


Fireblossom said...

OOo, "comically snide", I like that altogether too well, lol.

Nichole, sister mine, what are you up to with tagging me? I am on my way to find out!

*wonders where Jannie Funster is. I know she'll love my little demons* :-)

Mama Zen said...

Back in the day, I spent a lot of quality time at Denny's after 2 am. I always suspected that there might be demons there!

Fireblossom said...

And see, MamaZ, you were right!

Art and Poetry said...

Very original and funny too!

Fireblossom said...

Thanks, Art & P.! All my poems are from life! *rolls eyes*

Anonymous said...

I love it! I'm partial to demons, vampires and all the like. I love these story poems. The imagery is great, red licorice, steaming coffee, chocolate cake.

OOo and I love The Cranberries, good choice with Wake Up and Smell the Coffee.

Anonymous said...

Deviously clever ! I love your creativity !

Fireblossom said...

Mmm, yes, there's a lure that goes with those baddies, isn't there? I'm glad you liked all my little details, Grace. I rather had fun thinking them up!

Well now, I've been called sinister, comically snide and devious all on this thread! Well, I never. Ok ok...maybe once! Thanks for your comment, Tracey-Ann. :-)

Jannie Funster said...

But was it devil's chocolate cake they ordered? Certainly not with angel frosting.

Anonymous said...

I followed over in Shrinky's steps.
"The demons order chocolate cake." The devils' food. A delicious tale.

Fireblossom said...

Yes, Jannie and Chewy, devil's food indeed! Probably with those little red candies in the frosting, too.

Chewy, welcome to the Word Garden. Following Shrinky makes total sense, after all, she looks so fetching in her felt fedora hat!