Poor Gypsy

Last night there was frost,

And today the moving van ramp slants across the chilly earth;

Hard times for a lady who loves her garden.

Last night the moon was full,

And today I trail vague dreams around the emptying rooms;

Missing already the touches and scents of my home.

I make a very poor gypsy,

Even more so because

You won't be coming with me.

I hate to leave my garden, and your memory ever blessed--

Annuals are pretty,

But it's perennials I love best.



Mama Zen said…
"And today I trail vague dreams around the emptying rooms."

That's simply gorgeous!
Cynthia said…
A beautiful aubade for a lover
and for the summer months.
Love I have vague dreams around
emptying rooms.
Fireblossom said…
Mama Zem and Cynthia, I'm pleased you liked this poem and that line in particular. I love to find out what part of a poem spoke most to a reader.

I think that everyone has had a "dream hangover", whether it be dreams in the night or life dreams. Even when they've lost their details, the emotions can stay.

Dr. Jay SW said…
Annuals vs. perennials...and the vague dreams you trail around the emptying rooms...hmmmmmm.....very nice stuff....
Fireblossom said…
Welcome to The Word Garden, Dr. Jay! I'm glad you enjoyed this poem. :-)
Jannie Funster said…
Wonderful, wonderful.
Each verse it's own little vignette.
I make a very poor gyspy, how great is that!

And thanks for stopping at my blog - just to let you know, I have my kelp imported fresh from Nova Scotia weekly.

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