Free To A Good Home

At the request of one of my faithful readers, I've decided to post this picture. See if you can guess who it is!

A) Eleanor Roosevelt

B) Mary, Queen of (practical) Scots

C) Angelina Jolie

D) Olive Oyl


E) Fireblossom


Anonymous said…
Well I think you are beautiful, what kind of necklace are you wearing?
Maude Lynn said…
What fabulous hair you have!
david mcmahon said…
More famous than Angelina Jolie, so it's gotta be .... Fireblossom!

I thought the rhyme you left on my latest Verse and Worse was brilliant!
Nichole said…
You wrote another brilliant thing and didn't tell me? Ok, that miffs me a bit! hahahaha

The pic is beautiful, Shay, just like your heart, just like your poems. *hug*
Well, it's definitely not the Queen of (practical) Scots, I happen to know these things.

Guess this is you, huh? Um, I'm tempted to leave a flattering remark or two, but having just read all the above comments, I reckon your head is probably swelled enough by now. Wink.
Marty said…
It must be the famous "Fireblossom;" "star," "first lady," and "queen" of verse. I don't know how to make the "oily" one fit in?
Fireblossom said…
Hi Grace! Thank you, and it's a dog tag that says "girls rule."

Right you are, David. You can also tell cos I have fewer kids lol. I'm glad you like my little rhymes lol, I enjoy the Verse and Worse a lot!

Nikki, I have to have some secrets, even from my sister, dont I? LOL. I've been missing you here, I'm so glad you've shown your shining and much-loved face at WG!

Actually, Shrinky, I am floored that you didn't make some smart-arsed wisecrack at my expense! I'm actually a little let down!

Hmm, oily is a tough one to work in, isnt it, Marty? Nice to see you here, as always!
Fireblossom said…
Oh geez, I didn't pass you over on purpose, Mama Zen! Just senility setting in. I'm sorry!

Well, the fact is, your hair is prettier! :-)
Jewel Allen said…
*Fireblossom* Love the name

*Shay* Love this one, too.

Lovely names for a lovely lady! :-)
Suzie said…
I think its Mary Queen of Scotts
Kelly said…
I think B) Mary :p
Shark Butt said…
Looking good there ShayBoscosFoodchik!
Fireblossom said…
Suzie and Pink Ink, welcome to Word Garden! Pink, I'm flattered you like my name(s), thanks!

Why thank you, lil Sharkbutt, you cutie kitty cat!

K! Hmm, who knew Scottish women were so....intriguing. ;-)
Cynthia said…
Hi Shay, you are so lovely,
a lovely presence and your face
looks exquisitely vulnerable.
Though, I have to agree with
Kelly, and say my guess is this
is a photograph of Mary, modern
day with the indelible ink of
love & forgiveness enscribed
all over her.
Fireblossom said…
What can i say about a comment as lovely as that one, Cynthia, but thank you!
Anonymous said…
Aaw... Thanks for putting a face to your voice.
*Goddess* said…
Hmm, the "me in front of my house" photo title gives you! Your poems are beautiful. I read one the other day that was really moving. I'm going to find it now....
Fireblossom said…
Oh. Oops. Ok, it's me. Picture available on dart boards everywhere.
akiss2desire said…
Its YOU ..and you look like you need a hug ...since you are there for me, I will be for you ...collect one hug whenever !