Karen's Coffee

When Karen makes coffee,


Just to get into a cup,

There are squabbling scenes

Between beans.

She might add in

Some cinnamon.

Anything else?

She'll never tell.

When Karen makes coffee,

Boy howdy.

Just like it should be,

Karen, Queen

Of morning dreams.



Anonymous said…
This poem made me smile. I love that you used the phrase "Boy howdy." :) Keep 'em coming!
Fireblossom said…
LOL thanks Grace. Ya never know which little expression I may come out with.
Maude Lynn said…
I was picturing the squabbling beans! This one made me smile, too.
Shrinky said…
Gawd, almost converts me to coffee! (Sigh..)
Lil Bit said…
Well, shoo lawdy, brew me up a cup! ;)
Beatrice V said…
Shay, you have been awarded Superior Scribbler's Award, see link on my page.
Fireblossom said…
Hehe, Mama Zen, that was the line I started with and just had to write a poem to go with it!

Uh oh, disturbing tea time am I? One lump or two, Shrinky? :-)

LOL @ shoo lawdy. Hooray, Lil Bit is back!

oOoo, thank you, Beatrice! I tried to go see about it but my comp started acting possessed. I will go back again later on. Thanks again!
Unknown said…
I adore coffee. So much so that it almost rivals tea. :)
My favourite, Arabica. I went to a coffee farm in the Dominican, and it was a neat thing to see. Also in Cuba, where they make coffee out of your dreams...with hot milk and sugar. Mmmmm...each morning there starts with the world's best coffee and the world's best orange juice (squeezed fresh from green oranges!).
Yay coffee! Yay Obama!!!!!!
Shrinky said…
Hey girl, I've just had a peek at your playlist, it rocks! Eva Cassidy, Cohen, so many of my other favourites in there.. wow.
Fireblossom said…
Gillian, you are the second Canadian gal to tell me neat things about Cuba. The only Americans that can go there are special ops frogmen lol. Anyway, the coffee and orange juice you describe sound just heavenly!

And yes, yay coffee, yay Obama!!!
Fireblossom said…
Shrinky, I'm glad you like my little music player! I stole the idea from Grace Dewitt. And then a song or two from Tracey-Ann. It's like you've heard, nothing about me is original at all! LOL.

Now I've just got to add Bananarama! ;-)
Anonymous said…
Shay ~ Loved the poem ! Coffee and I get along rather nicely in the early mornings. :)
j-boo said…
Oh, I love this!
And it REALLY makes me want my coffee+soy milk!


Winx, Jinxi
Fireblossom said…
Mm, two more coffee gals! Yay!

Welcome to the Word Garden, j-boo. :-)
Jannie Funster said…
Squabbling between beans. All vying to be found, ground and sipped 'round until you give in and swallow them down in San Antone town.