Tell Me, Gray Cat

O gray cat,

Often have I sought your wise counsel;

You stink of fish,

You never blink,

And you are happy as a cloud.

Take your heedless head out of that trash can

And tell me what to do now--

It is Ann,

O Ann...

She will not love me.

Stop batting at yellow butterflies long enough to tell me

Why she must be so cruel

And so carelessly beautiful.

Try to keep your eyes open long enough

As you doze on the porch rail,

To tell me why

O why

My heart must break?

She would love you!

She would clap her hands and follow you like a sweet breeze,

Holding out her heart like tea on a tray!

Shall I

Stick my head in the garbage can?

Shall I

Bat at yellow butterflies and then

Doze off as she pours out her heart

As I am doing with you now?

She might throw an old shoe at both of us, you know--

Still, I will set out sweet cream

In the gray dawn each day;

Set it out with my hopes

Til, gray cat,

You steal them away.



Stephanie said…
I've never had cats, but I enjoy this poem of cat personality....'stick my head in the trash can too' that
Marty said…
I always enjoy the new perspective you provide to me this; time a cats-eye view.

I will take mine with coffee!
Fireblossom said…
Hi Stephanie, and thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed this. Gray cats are a special symbol for me. It's a long story. ;-)

LOL Marty, coming right up, sir! Well, I've written from the point of view of a ghost, the bathroom sink and a bunch of others, so why not a kitty? Meeeowwww. :-)
Jannie Funster said…
Ann is obviously blind of the heart.
here's to sipping tea and cream with our dreams way outside the perview of Ann...meoooowwwww...miracles, k-
j-boo said…

Meows all around!
Anonymous said…
I love cats ! I found your poem delightful and lovely.
Anonymous said…
Fire, u are sooooooooooo good!!! I love your poetry, and to be very honest , I've never taken a true interst in poety, but yours, to me, seems sooooo different, it really makes me smile and think. Thank you for visiting my blog, and being my friend,regardless of our different points of view :) Take care and love is all good. Hope to talk soon.
Anonymous said…
You are so amazing with images! I really like this gray cat poem. It says a lot about Ann that you are searching for advice from a cat, when cat’s are notoriously independent and carefree. Awesome work!
Fireblossom said…
I love all of your comments! Thank you for them! :-)
Lil Bit said…
I oftentimes find myself musing to my black cat when I'm moody and what-have-you.... but she never responds either. She'd rather claw my thighs while she fluffs a new comfy spot to lay, lol
Shrinky said…
My pussy nearly caught a little birdie this last week. (Oh boy, that sounds bad, ha!) I saved it, but allowed the torture to continue long enough to take a piccy first. I'm horrible, I know.

Loved, loved, loved this - did grey cat deign to advise, or did she remain Spinx-like and mutely above it all?
Fireblossom said…
Aw, lol, Lil Bit. Btw, be forewarned my dreamgirl, as discussed at your blog, may be making an appearance here at WG very soon! ;-)

!!!! Shrinkyyyyyy lol! Well, Grey Cat remained unmoved by my pretty pleas. But that is how Grey Cats are, they care only for themselves and other grey cats!
Lil Bit said…
oooooooooo! - looking fwd to her appearance! =D