Snow On Branches

When I'm feeling cold and bare,

She's like snow on branches--

She covers me in soft protection,

Turning what was stark, pretty

Every time I hold out my arms.



Unknown said…
In my case, we'll just change She to He and we'll be all set. Lovely words again, Shay. You have a romantic heart!
Jannie Funster said…
And is spring is she the budding leaves on them?
Fireblossom said…
Hi Gillian! Consider the change made. *smiles* Yep,romantic me,that's the rumour anyway.

Time will tell, Jannie. ;-)
Anonymous said…
With such ease you grasp the roots of what we all long for, security in the arms of someone who loves us.
Kelly said…
oh your such a sap ;-) not full of tuff lub like me... tee hee...
Shrinky said…
You really are an incurable romantic. Such beautiful imagery. (Smile)
Anonymous said…
Shay ~
I thought I had commented on this.
This is truly beautiful and romantic.
Lovely ~
Fireblossom said…
Yep, Grace, without that, the rest loses its luster, doesn't it? Always nice to see you here, sweety. :-)

You're full of SOMEthing K! LOL. So I'm a sappy tigah, so wut? ;-)

Mhm, Shrinky, I am. And that ain't all that ails me!

Thanks, Arts & P, I ws just thinking about you. It's nice to see you!

Thank you, Tracey. And thank you for always being such a wonderful supporter of Word Garden!
Vodka Mom said…
it clings
cold and white
for a moment
Maude Lynn said…
Lovely and romantic!
Fireblossom said…
Thanks, VM, Cynthia and Mama Zen!
Lil Bit said…
Awwww, schweet! -- Nice to have someone like that.