Thursday, November 20, 2008

Snow On Branches

When I'm feeling cold and bare,

She's like snow on branches--

She covers me in soft protection,

Turning what was stark, pretty

Every time I hold out my arms.



Gillian said...

In my case, we'll just change She to He and we'll be all set. Lovely words again, Shay. You have a romantic heart!

Jannie said...

And is spring is she the budding leaves on them?

Fireblossom said...

Hi Gillian! Consider the change made. *smiles* Yep,romantic me,that's the rumour anyway.

Time will tell, Jannie. ;-)

Grace DeWitt said...

With such ease you grasp the roots of what we all long for, security in the arms of someone who loves us.

Kelly Dickson said...

oh your such a sap ;-) not full of tuff lub like me... tee hee...

Shrinky said...

You really are an incurable romantic. Such beautiful imagery. (Smile)

Art and Poetry said...

Nice one!

Tracey-Ann said...

Shay ~
I thought I had commented on this.
This is truly beautiful and romantic.
Lovely ~

Fireblossom said...

Yep, Grace, without that, the rest loses its luster, doesn't it? Always nice to see you here, sweety. :-)

You're full of SOMEthing K! LOL. So I'm a sappy tigah, so wut? ;-)

Mhm, Shrinky, I am. And that ain't all that ails me!

Thanks, Arts & P, I ws just thinking about you. It's nice to see you!

Thank you, Tracey. And thank you for always being such a wonderful supporter of Word Garden!

Vodka Mom said...

it clings
cold and white
for a moment

Cynthia said...

A beauty this.

Mama Zen said...

Lovely and romantic!

Fireblossom said...

Thanks, VM, Cynthia and Mama Zen!

Lil Bit said...

Awwww, schweet! -- Nice to have someone like that.