Monday, October 19, 2009

Lives Of The Saints

I'm actually pretty quiet.


It's just my head keeps coming crashing down through the rest of me like a

Bowling ball down the front staircase;

And if that's not gauche enough,

It's got ma name on it.

It looks like

I won't get that part

In Swan Lake after all--

Never mind all the parts I was handed and spat upon

Cos I got no more manners

Than a pig at the State Fair.

My body has played dirty tricks

All my life,

But the better part of me

Floats like a lantern on a lily pad


Just try getting in if I don't want you there.

The entrance is piled high with bones.

Last night I dreamt

That the hour was late

And I was far from home.


That's life.

I have my moments, though--

Mostly I flail

As if possessed by cats in a sack

And time is the river;

But in a moment of perfect bliss

When I am,

For example,

Egging my neighbor's mail box,

I am Athena with her bolts.

I am Artemis with her arrows.

I am hanging out with God at Danny's Coffee Shop,

And when the cops come in

Asking where have you been?

God vouches for me.

"She's been right here with me, boys," she tells them just as sweet as honey rolling off a warm biscuit,

And I whisper,

"Oh You

Are so cute

When You lie!"


This poem is dedicated to Dulce and to Mama Zen. Danny's? Three-ish?


Riot Kitty said...

I think this is my favorite one so far. You are so talented!

mac said...

So, I suppose I should thank Dulce and Mama Zen foe inspiring duch a gem? Thanks :-)

pheromone girl said...

I can understand the dedication.... and who better to dedicate to than MZ?

I hope your week is spectacular. Go stomp some leaves!!

G-Man said...

A bowling ball with your name on it?
Your name is Brunswick?

Daryl said...

LOVE your new avatar photo ..

And I love this .. love this .. YOU are so cute when you write this way .. or that way .. in fact every way.

Elizabeth Bradley said...

Poems like this need to be read more than once. I'll be back...

Dulce said...

Hey! you know you move me when you mention me here dear...So Please do not!...
And the goddess so fed up signing autographs wanting to go home and meet herself in the underworld with her new pet, the grasshopper,finds this friend, whom she'd like to visit. One of these days she's going to catch one of those planes and cross the Ocean and meet that gorgeous woman and hug her for writing such beautiful poems.
*Just try getting in if I don't want you there.
The entrance is piled high with bones* LOVELY...
What the hell- I love it all.
My best wishes to my best gypsy poetess.
Sweeeeeet smiles and huggies****

Dulce said...

PS. (part II)
Yes believe it. It's been all not so bad.After all that God was on your part, you were and are safe. You are Yin and Yang as all of us... Lucky and and disgraceful.. and so am I... but I am starting to run up not looking down... for that gives not strength. I hold your hand, you hold mine, in the other a cig and a cup of tea and look at the so transparent river flow on as it must.

Fireblossom said...

oOo, Twin's favorite? I must have done something gooood! :-)

They are awesome, it's true, Mac. ;-)

None better than MZ, no argument from me, PG. And as for stomping leaves, I get PAID to stomp through 'em! :-)

Not Brunswick, G-Man! Shayyyyyyy

Aw, thanks Daryl. These are fun to write. The whole succubus/Danny's/God/Chloe storyline will always be an ongoing story!

I love readers who tell me they read something over again. Always nice to see you here, Elizabeth!

Please do not, Dulce? ???? Anyway, I'm glad you liked the poem. The Goddesses live! Now if MZ would only get her butt in here and see that I've resurrected Danny's Coffee Shop!

Mama Zen said...

What? Am I late? You know, it takes a girl a while to look this good!

Vesper said...

What a remarkable poem, Shay! I love its voice, its rhythm, its wry humour.

Pouty Lips said...

Yippee! God lies. I am so happy to hear it. So she's human like the rest of us. What a unique concept and I love it.

Shadow said...

you just carry right on floating on that pond, you hear!