Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Muddyboots The Gypsy

Muddyboots the Gypsy

Refuses to even comb her hair

And she swings out of her darkened window, easing herself down

To the garden path and away

From policemen and their batons.

October afternoons

Find her stomping through the corn stalks

Like some celebrated sunflower actress

Bowing gracefully to her fans.

Muddyboots the gypsy

Hangs around the Sweet Roll Bakery--

She's got a little money,

But would rather steal a cupcake from some pigeon on the steps.

She wants to sleep with girls,

And sometimes does;

But they always end up trying to give her their clothes

And, in the end,

Go back to their bibles and boys.

Muddyboots the gypsy

Pickpockets the moon and makes a pendant.

After that,

Whenever she walks by women or water,

They follow without a thought.

Muddyboots the gypsy

Goes stomping past the shops.

The women who come out of there

Feel nothing at all but the scorn they learn in church.

Their woozy husbands, though,

Eye her thighs and chase their tails

Like dogs.

She sits beneath a haunted tree on evenings in November,

While the starlings go quite crazy in the branches above her head

(which is really the uncombed hair above her head)

And the racket is deeply disturbing

To the reverend, already in bed.

Muddyboots the gypsy

Goes stomping through the corn stalks in a cloud of noisy birds.

Wherever she stands,

It always rains with the sun still out.

When she's finished her pilfered cupcake,

She starts to sing the "Butterfly Duet" to herself

And fingers the tarot deck hidden in her skirts

Along with the file she keeps for picking the lock on the future.

Oh, she is wrong so wrong,

And the biddies and cops condemn her

But just sometimes, she's so sweet and right,

Like the solstice come December.



ellen abbott said...

clever shay.

Daryl said...

Ah the muse has come out to play with Shay!

Brian Miller said...

oh wow...that was a trip to read...nicely played.

Anonymous said...


Elizabeth Bradley said...

I've got the messy uncombed hair thing going on today.

Good read, thanks.

Riot Kitty said...

Very nice!

Dulce said...

Why does this gypsy girl reminds me so much of some Shay?...
I just love it poetess- always first price!
sweetie huggies***

Scarlet said...

This one gave me chills! Wow!!

The part about the uncombed hair above her head made me LOL for some reason. :D

Pouty Lips said...

To the gypsy - bravo!

Cloudia said...

Wow, Shay. You are the real deal.
To think that I helped inspire that poetry exaults me!

Thanks for being my exciting new friend.


Comfort Spiral

Shadow said...

damn, this is LOVE!!!!!!

G-Man said...



Vesper said...

In my mind's eye I can see her do all that...
A wonderfully evocative poem, Shay. I'm honoured that you've found part of your inspiration at my place. :-)

Joanna Jenkins said...

Nice job! Great picture.

Ekanthapadhikan said...

Kudos! Kudos!! to your poetic prowess. I'm getting addicted to your style and imageries that you bring about in your poems.

And there's something for you in my blog. Please pay a visit. And here's the link for your convenience - http://truthabtmeself.blogspot.com/2009/10/my-fist-blog-award.html

mac said...

I do so hope the weather clears.

MuddyBoots seems to have helped me ride out a storm.


Soon I'll be back to norm.

thank you, Shay

Gabriella Moonlight said...


Have you been folowing me around. Since on vacation at home I have walked the grounds, the mounds, and the forests here, forgotten about shaving, forgotten how to comb my hair and my boots are muddy...LOL! Oh and love the girls and the boys with equal amore...
Love the squirrels with abandonment, and care for the flowers and animals with depth...
you spoke it so well and I am so grateful to read you!


spottedwolf said...

WOW....made me think of

" who would be a poor man, a beggarman, a thief... "

from Aqualung...Jethro Tull

Mama Zen said...

Fine. You win. You don't have to wear the sweater I bought for you. Jeez!

Kay said...

oh, to think i would have missed this should i not be here today....wonderful piece! i visualize it through and through, wanting to live in those muddy gypsy boots; perhaps we all do? ;)

Anonymous said...

Miss Muddyboots would be welcome and quite at home at our abundance celebration this Autumn Equinox.