Saturday, October 17, 2009

Wake Up Laughing

Did you ever wake up laughing?

I have,

But it's as rare as meeting someone you will love for the rest of your life

Or theirs,

And I've come into it just as unknowing.

One moment, asleep in the whispering of leaves, mind blank as a baby's,

And in the next, God has delivered the joke that explains it all,

And I wake up laughing.

Some things are effortlessly perfect--

Like a plate of scrambled eggs on a Sunday morning,

Tea on a wooden table outdoors in the afternoon,

Or the one you love beside you in the evening, reading with her glasses on, the ones she only wears at home;

And for some reason, that's as pleasing as anything you can think of.

I wonder sometimes,

Is it the rainy funerals that are the dream?

Is it the losses that tear one's heart like a paper ticket to nowhere

That are the illusion?

Will I one day close my eyes,


Just for a moment,

Lost in the whispering of leaves,

Mind blank as a baby's,

And in the next, wake up laughing?


(This poem is dedicated to my father. I hope he woke up laughing.)


Riot Kitty said...

Just perfect!

staceyjwarner said...

We were thinking along the same lines today...lovely post. Goom laughs in his sleep. It always makes me giggle.

much love

Dulce said...

You ask me if I have ever woken up laughing? I don't remember if I've ever had, but I've woken up come to visit you and read *But it's as rare as meeting someone you will love for the rest of your life* and so imagine my roar laughter again.. (before my morning coffee that's impossible!)
My friend you are unique to me. Can I say here I love you although I don't know you in person? WEll this is as good as it gets too...
And for the rest of the poem WOW, darling... This will be a nice Sunday to me thank your words, my Goddess Poetess!!!
Sweet HUG

Scarlet said...

I feel like translating this one for MY father, Chica. It's beautiful!

When I read "wake up laughing"...I was going to write, ♪ "I only wanna see you laughing in the..." ♫ (Well, you know how it goes!) ;)


pheromone girl said...

Absolutely stunning, darling!

G-Man said...

Do people have funny dreams?

Daryl said...

What timing .. this could be written for my father .. he passed 10 yrs ago this Thursday after celebrating his 91st birthday on Oct 20, 2000.. thank you for this poem, I am going to copy it so I can share it with my sister ... xoxo

spottedwolf said...

Suzanne and I both do this frequently. We usually share the dream/humor with each matter how silly it may makes us look.

How about after reaching orgasm? Is that too sensitive a question?
I think it is one of the places where we tend to prioritize attitude....much like in dreams. In that moment of perfect ecstasy I believe some of our most fanciful...and fantasied attitudes can be released by the sheer power of releasing the moment in exuberant laughter rather than in some spate of attitude. I have found this to create a flood of clear thinking as a result and one of the best times to converse.

Mama Zen said...

This is lovely!

Elizabeth Bradley said...

I lost my father in December. It would be so cool to think he woke up laughing. What an amazing tribute to your father.

mac said...

I used to teach Tae Kwon Do. Knowing the belt testing was stressful for the kids, and just a little embarrassing for some of the adults, I had a drill I would do before the test . I'd make everyone sit on the floor and grab their foot, take a deep breath, then bring their big toe to just touching their nose . As we did it, I'd explain, "Now, look around and remember exactly silly we allow look. Nothing else can seem silly by comparrison" To wake laughing nothing could seem upsetting :-)

Vesper said...

God has delivered the joke that explains it all

Another great poem, Shay, deeply philosophical and touching... Perfect!

Anonymous said...

My little man sometimes laughs in his sleep. (I'll hear it over the monitor at 2 am and nothing else, just laughing.)

I often wonder what's so funny.