Saturday, October 31, 2009


It could have been the champagne

Or a trick of the light

Or his pain

In the weird and misty night...

Dressed to the nines

For Halloween of '25,

Arrow collar, Chesterfield lit,

And lonely--more than a little bit.

On Halloween of '24

He'd seen her standing near the door;

The perfect flapper

The lovely Lenore.

Had he been a raven, in his tails and top hat?

If he had, she didn't seem bothered by that.

Outside by the fountain, he'd kissed her, swift--

She'd leant close and whispered, " this..."

There'd been dances and kisses and smuggled gin,

Then his Packard in the drive and Lenore getting in...

An Autumn rain began as he started the car,

And the drops on the road were like scattered stars.

There was his smile and her laughter--

A cloche hat on her head;

A careless black cat, a swerve,

Then one of them dead.

Now it is Halloween of '25...

Outside by the fountain, tears in his eyes;

The night, his tails, and mood are black--

No silly wishful penny can bring her back.

But wait, shimmering on the surface, a face!

He gasps and staggers back a pace,

Then with a cry, he leans in close,

And feels a sudden, strange repose.

I can only tell you this:

They say he saw her perfect lips;

The fountain held some pennies, no more,

But he drowned to return to his lost Lenore!

My apologies to E.A. Poe. Happy Halloween!



Shadow said...

oh how sad, how very very sad. happy halloween shay!

mac said...

This one reads like Poe. That's a good thing, doncha know ?

Steve E. said...

How touching...I am REALLY touched (old men are like that--grin!

But SO sad, and yet.....


Pouty Lips said...

Right before the end I thought: "How Edgar Allan Poe'ish" and then I read the apology. Sweet Success!

Riot Kitty said...

So neat!

G-Man said...

..."Puttin on the Ritz"!

Dulce said...

WOW WOMAN... what a beautiful love story... I love the end and the beginning and the middle and the words you select and the place you select to put them...

Vesper said...

This is excellent! I love it!
No apologies at all are needed to Mr. Poe...