Saturday, October 24, 2009

Spaghetti Girl

If we go to a nice Italian restaurant,

I'll only embarrass you--

Shoving rolls in my purse


Every time I'm near you,

I feel the air is full of angels

And Armageddon must be barely a whisper away.

While you're making conversation,

I'll be wondering what you would look like

Wearing only this red and white

Checkered table cloth--

I'll be crossing myself and praying to remember

How I can pull it off you

Without upsetting

The water glass in your hand.

You'll talk about Jack White

I'll talk about Joan Jett

And you'll be the Spaghetti Girl

Straight until wet.

Well, this is just torture in a public place.

I'll only embarrass you

Because I am hungry,

So hungry,

And once I start I will never be done;

I think the Judgement must be barely a whisper away--

So I'm waiting for the deluge sure to come.



Riot Kitty said...

This is just fantastic.

Cloudia said...

You bubble over with.....good stuff!

Aloha, Friend!

Comfort Spiral

Dulce said...

Extraordinary, and again I must write this looong word *extraordinary*... and so funny.... YOU ARE great my friend... I love those ideas of yours unique magnifique!!!I wish I could be in that restaurant in front of your show (a fly on the wall- just in case)
Now you must be so proud of your own magnificense self, you forgot to visit your sweet post of Saturday (sniff)

Shadow said...

oh, this is delicious!

Mama Zen said...


Ekanthapadhikan said...

OMG! You scare me almost every time with your poems. I mean, you write it with such graphical precisions and the idea of getting embarrassed in such a way! Thank God, I' only a faceless entity to you!

RachelW said...

Wow, that is so sensual and delicious. Yum!

mac said...

I like Spaghetti Girl, straight until wet :-)

Scarlet said...

This is brilliantly naughty! Shame on Shay! :)

Gillian said...

Chica, you stole my comment! ;) Hi Scarlet!!! *waves*

Okay, this is a wilder one than normal!
But...what made me laugh out loud was the tag....strict lesbyterian?


Kay said...

mmmmmmm.... psghetti! ;)

Pouty Lips said...

Brilliant! Pasta the spaghetti. The photo you found to accompany Ms. Spaghetti is perfect.

Daryl said...


ElanaJ said...

Wow, I loved the line "Straight until wet"

Great job!

Anonymous said...

The whole straight until wet line just cracked me up! Excellent.

T said...

You are sooooo good with your words!!

Perfect as always!!

Vesper said...

What a clever poem, full of intriguing images. I love the one of the checkered tablecloth being pulled without disturbing the glass of water...