Fly Girl

Fly Girl say,
Whoa yeah--
If you lyin
If you lyin
She know it.
Fly Girl see
Twenty-four of everything,
And if you hustlin that hard
You sure enough sellin bullshit.
Don't think
Don't even think
Fly Girl don't know it.

Fly Girl look
Right into your eyes,
And anything you are
Shine back multiplied.
She hip
She fly
She see twenty-four of everything
Two dozen times in each big eye.
Stop lyin
Stop lyin
You might fool your mama, or fuck with the man,
But Fly Girl don't play that.
Fly Girl understand.

for dverse poetics "superheroes" HERE



Cloudia said…
yeah she do-

Aloha from Waikiki

Comfort Spiral

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< ° ) } } > <
Brian Miller said…
two dozen times in each big eye...ha...nice strong voice thru this...too bad we all cant see thru bullshit...
Unknown said…
I need me some Fly Girl powers. :) Loved the rhythm in this.
Claudia said…
i wouldn't want to have fly girl powers... enough to see life's bullshit once..ha.. fine write shay
Unknown said…
Fly girl don't care.
Fly girl don't give a shit.
Oh, I just fell in love with Fly Girl. And love the 'voice' in which the poem is told: perfect!
Lolamouse said…
and if Fly Girl get pissed, she'll infect your food with dysentery!
hedgewitch said…
Amen, amen, and I love that song--yours and the vid. Also love lLolamouse's observation, the big eyes, and the pic is cool too. -hopefully Fly Girl will use her powers only for good.
Scarlet said…
I think I have a new superhero.. Fly Girl~

Enjoyed this Shay ~
Mary said…
Ah, this was special. I wonder if Flygirl will eventually have Twenty-Five, Twenty-six, Fifty-five, Fifty-Six, and so on! Hope she keeps her superpowers forever.
Helen said…
For sure, I'm not goin' to be crossin' Flygirl anytime soon.
Jenny said…
I think you're on to something here!

Can you draw comic book style illustrations by any chance?
TALON said…
Sometimes I feel like my glasses are getting to that magnification level ;)

Fly Girl is wicked smart!
Anonymous said…
she fly ♥

you fly ♥
Sherry Blue Sky said…
I love Fly Girl, and the way cool photo......
Kerry O'Connor said…
Trust you to invent your own super-hero!
Dave King said…
Can't say adequately how much I like this perfect match between form and content - and both and reader... this one, at least.
Lynn said…
A supergirl. :)
Maude Lynn said…
I love it! Rock on, Fly Girl!
Girl, I love a little Cajun. :)
Cathy Feaster said…
I think I'd like a little of FlyGirl's power :)
Margaret said…
But Fly Girl don't play that.

In other words... "the bullshit stops here!"

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