Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Nice Girl

I'm a nice girl
Most usually,
And ain't nothin'
That you done to me...
But if you hurt the sun, the moon will know--
I'll chill deep blue and sink down low
To fuck you up bad
And cut you cold.

Do you think I'm joking?
Did you think that if you broke her heart
That I would sigh and just forget?
Did you think I'd not use blade and fire
To leave you just this side of dead?
I'll fuck you up hard--
That's what I said.

I'm a nice girl
Most often times,
But if you cross my sister
And make her cry,
I'll use every magic,
Every edge,
Every blasphemy
To make you see and feel me
Much better than you ever did for a girl you could never deserve;
Do we understand each other, sir?
I'm going to fuck you up wicked,
So bite on this
And I'll begin it.



TexWisGirl said...

i'm going to fuck you up wicked. :) i like it.

Buddah Moskowitz said...

Ain't crossing you, no ma'am! In fact, I'll go kick the ass out of some of your random enemies just on G.P. just to build up some goodwill in your bank. Loved the loyalty inherent here - that's a good sign of character. Luv, yo' pal Moskowitz the Mexican

Sherry Blue Sky said...

Remind me never ever to make you mad at me:) Love the "I've got your back" here......and OMG, I LOVE the I Will Not Sink tattoo. I should have one of those!!!!

HermanTurnip said...

Hey, sounds like my kinda gal!

hedgewitch said...

You are the best, woman. Couldn't be a better back up system, not even Smith and Wesson. I prefer the blade and fire myself, as a Viking chick and all. Bullets are just too damn quick.

Daryl Edelstein said...

awesome .. I swear it reads like a song

Kerry O'Connor said...

I'm so glad you're on my side... the alternative is a little scary.

Lynn said...

Bite on this. Very cool. :)

Lucy said...

Yikes I'm scared for him. Haunting.

Shawna said...

You are definitely someone I want in my camp.

This is so beautiful and intense: "But if you hurt the sun, the moon will know"

Such strong description, and I love the sound: "Did you think I'd not use blade and fire To leave you just this side of dead?"

I really like that tattoo ... and collarbones.

Shawna said...

Lucy, I love your picture; you are adorable.

Mama Zen said...

"if you hurt the sun, the moon will know"

Oh, that is good!

Lolamouse said...

We all need someone like that. Love the tat!

my heart's love songs said...

you know i've got your back, right? {as if you need anyone's help!}