Thursday, May 31, 2012

On Leaving Pennyfarthing-Sevier's

At Pennyfarthing-Sevier's I learned
To wear the corset and say "yes Ma'am"--
To stay my tongue and bank the fire,
Which, strangely, heightened bound desire.

Will you take my ticket, sir,
And hand me up the stair--
To find my red crushed velvet seat
On the noontime train to her, dear sir,
The westbound train to her.

I've my hat by hat pins held
And my traveling suit cinched nice--
Beneath these layers, two roses rise
As if caressed with ice.

My boots have heels to make me tall,
My sleeves are freshly starched--
My Mistress will accept me wet,
But will not have me parched.

Won't you take my traveling bag
And help me down the stair--
I'm ever the faint and feminine thing
Til I catch sight of her, dear sir,
I break and run for her.


a second installment for Kerry's steampunk challenge.



hedgewitch said...

I love the feeling of a secret life under the confines of society's straitjacket-(-perfect sequel on what was done to the poor be-corsetted waif behind the third door yesterday--)only on a much more serious and lyric level. I am pulling hairs over that third stanza, but it all sings.

Helen said...

.. it's like you lived in another lifetime ... on another planet! And it's all wonderful .........

Anonymous said...

the things women do to be beautiful... or sexy....

Sherry Blue Sky said...

Oh this is a lovely lilting thing. Love the "will not have me parched". How do you DO it??? Loved it.

Mary Ann Potter said...

All it needs is the music. You've written a lyrically fine work here!

Mama Zen said...

I would love to sing this. I can hear it.

Buddah Moskowitz said...

Delightful, my dear friend.

Shawna said...

Love the opening stanza and these:

"two roses rise
As if caressed with ice"

"I'm ever the faint and feminine thing"

nene said...

so beautiful and lyrical. I too am impressed with not only your wonderful and skillful use of your metaphors but your ability to make me, a male, feel the underlying constraints portrayed making me want to burst out of my clothes and leave them on the walk behind me. Did I just say that aloud? My feminine side coming out. ?-)

Once again, Love, love love your mind and soul

Daryl Edelstein said...

you never disappoint ... this is one sexy poem

Sioux said...

Smokin' hot, Shay. I see a volume of "Shay's Near-Pornographic Pioneer Poems" coming out soon. The images, the explanation of what was going on under those corsets...Amazing (as usual).

Kerry O'Connor said...

The Victorian era was all about subjugating sexuality - no wonder it gave rise to rippers and jeckyll-hydes. You have shown that no matter how tightly one tries to keep passion under wraps, people will find means to its self-expression.

This is a wonderful companion piece to your first.

Sara said...

The story continues...Ah, the confines of stays and corsets could never hold in what lies in the heart. It's truths will always find a way to break they did even in the Victorian era.

Both of these poems were fun to read. You know me it's all about listening to the words. I missed visiting here:~)