Thursday, September 27, 2012

Tidbits and TMI about Fireblossom!

Recently, I made a new friend who calls herself Blueroses and Stardust. She came up with this group of what I think are very interesting and fun questions, and as I am a notorious meme whore fan of questionnaires, she graciously gave me permission to blog them along with my answers. Here they are!

1. Would you like to be a mythological creature and if so which?(mermaid, fairy, dragon)

I would like to be a siren. I am not a good singer, though I wish I were, and if I were a siren, I could sing so beautifully that sailors would wreck their ships trying to get closer to me. Did I mention I like a little mischief?
2.What’s in your purse right now

Just work stuff. Bare essentials like a tube of lipstick, a mirror, nail file, blah blah, a paperback book, my little notebook full of bus schedules, a couple of hair bands, and two nice pens cos i am fussy about my pens. Just things I would be lost without.
3.Which is your favourite Alice in Wonderland character

Alice herself! It would be just like me to follow down the rabbit hole and have all those odd adventures. 
4.Would you like to be forever kid like Peter Pan

No. If I thought I had to relive my childhood,  I would jump in front of a train right now. But I do think that I have retained the imagination of a child, and it serves me well.
5.Next to which nature phenomenon (aurora, lagoon, grand canyon) would you rather live

A woods. I love the woods! I find it restorative and beautiful. 
6.Do you like cooking?

I love cooking, though I am nobody's gourmet chef. It relaxes me and I like to do it.
7.What is your favorite book

"Keeping You A Secret" by Julie Anne Peters. Close second: "Pages For You" by Sylvia Brownrigg and "Lessons" by Kim Pritekel. Honorable mention: "Madeleine's Ghost" by Robert Girardi.
8.Would you paint your house an unusual colour like orange or blue (inside or outside)

Outside, I like earth tones. But inside, I love unusual colors! No beige walls for this girl.
9.Do you watch series?If yes what kind (drama, fantasy) and give an example

I have recently been watching "Major Crimes" on TNT because I like Mary McDonnell. 
10.Do you play a sport?If so, which?

I don't, but I used to love to play softball. I was one kick-ass hitter! (I was, unfortunately, not so good in the field.) I used to be good at bowling, too. And darts. I threw them wrong, like a baseball, but they went where I wanted!
11.Do you (still) watch anime-cartoons?

No. I don't care for anime at all. Except Derpy Hooves. Does Derpy Hooves count? Save Derpy!

I hope you enjoyed this. Be sure to visit Blueroses and Stardust at her blog! 


TexWisGirl said...

somehow i envision you being a kick-ass siren. :)

i watch major crimes, too (i used to watch the closer). but i watch too many tv crime series. :)

Helen said...

I watch The Good Wife because all the women are ass-kickers!!!

hedgewitch said...

What, not the Mentalist???

I also think you are a natural for the siren role, but also, it would not surprise me to see you opening a certain Box and letting all the mischiefs out. These were some fun questions.

Sioux said...

How have I lived a full life (so far) without ever encountering Derpy Hooves?

I live a sad, sad life...

HermanTurnip said...

"A woods. I love the woods!"

Oooohhh, not me! I've been mentally scarred by the opening to the old television show Tales From The Darkside. Every week that show opened with a creepy black-and-white view of a forest, and ever since then I've always felt uncomfortable in the woods. Just thinking about that opening gives me the heebie jeebies...

Link to TftD Wiki page:

Roselie said...

Oooh I love your answers Ms mischievous siren...!

ellen abbott said...

yes definitely a siren. and the woods though living on a river would be good too. dont watch TV though except Once Upon A Time and the new season starts Sunday.

Mama Zen said...


Anonymous said...

How fun! I enjoyed this very much. You should write your own meme (every week). :) I'll bet you'd come up with some great questions!

Anonymous said...

I answered your questions: