your favorite lesbian

It's important to know your girl,
because the way to her heart
starts at the outside.

I always wanna know
every little thing--
what floats your boat
and what cramps your style--
I'll always want you to gimme the details.

I just watched your favorite lesbian
on that show you told me about.
You know what, baby?
She reminds me of me. 

A favorite is a fine thing to have...
every day of my life I think about mine.
I heart her. You know?
I heart her, my dark brilliant baby.
Heart her like crazy.

Find the scene I was writing about HERE.



LaTonya Baldwin said…
She's okay. Your'e my favorite. :-)
Sioux Roslawski said…
Shay--I agree with LaTonya. You're a close second, after my best childhood friend...

(And since I don't think a frumpy, fifty-year old St. Louis lady could lure you, there's no reason to change teams. So I will just have to be happy with reading your sweet/sassy/soaring love poems...and wishing I was the subject...)
hedgewitch said…
A warm scene, and a warmer sentiment here. Hearts and flowers all the way.
Sherry Blue Sky said…
"heart her like crazy" - as only you can do. Sigh. Loved Sioux's comment. Me, too! I'm just so happy I get to read you. Ever since I cackled aloud at the chipmunk thrown through the open window of a passing pickup, that blew the doors off poetry for me forever, I cant wait for my daily dose!
Kerry O'Connor said…
"Why do you always feel so inevitable to me?" That speaks of love to me, the real kind, as does your poem, Shay.
Mama Zen said…
She's got nothing on you, babe!
Cloudia said…
Spare, yet freighted with accessible treasure! I keep meeting hot girls who are still busy putting on their showy show. I need to find someone like me, but different. You know?

Cloudia said…
"Heart like crazy"

**I always wanna know
every little thing--**

Ahhh, & this is the reason you're a fabulous poet!

every. little. thing. matters.

Margaret said…
I was intrigued by the "inevitable" line. My two college age kids keep telling me to watch this show... and I will someday, I'm sure. I don't watch any TV lately... just found out about the ships being positioned off of Syria - time to start realizing my summer is over, I guess and start listening to the news again. Gotta catch up on my Dr Who as well :)
Susie Clevenger said…
Love it! I do believe precious lady you are my favorite. :)
G-Man said…
My Favorite Lesbian...

A Desilu Production
Lolamouse said…
You are my number 1, Shay! Love this! It's full of love and passion and fun. BTW, YouTube blocked the scene on copyright grounds. What is it?