An old scarecrow shuffles into Danny's Coffee Shop.
He stinks of moldy rain-funk. 

Chloe and the Succubus exchange a look.
"Muffin, please," says Scarecrow.

God the Waitress picks a jukebox tune.
"Not that cows and corn cob shit!" wails the Succubus.

Step back.
Step over.

Chloe reaches out a hand. "C'mon, sailor."
Scarecrow dancing.

A Flash 55 for my BFF Hedgewitch.

Image at top: scenes from "Dark Night of The Scarecrow", my favorite Halloween movie, in which Bubba the scarecrow comes back to get revenge on demented mailman Mr. Hazelrigg.



hedgewitch said…
What could be better (or more timely)than a haunting at Danny's--where I bet my ass they don't serve pumpkin spice latte--and a dance with Chloe to a tune the Succubus can't stand--what, no Night on Bald Mountain???? I love this Shay and I couldn't be happier that you found 55 for us, because now the weekend just *has* to be kickass.
Magaly Guerrero said…
I'm sipping my coffee at the moment, so I just need the muffin and a good song (well, the scarecrow too). I really love that you've made every character so real, in just 55 words. Wow.

I've never watched Dark Night of The Scarecrow. I'm sooo gonna!
Sherry Blue Sky said… only you can write it.
Cloudia said…
All welcome at Danny's!
Kerry O'Connor said…
He stinks of moldy rain-funk.

Not often one is able to appeal to the sense of smell so well in writing!
Scarecrow was always my favourite.

Anonymous said…
Goodness me. What scene did I just walk into here? So good. So real.Off to the Danny's tag I go then.
Sioux Roslawski said…
Shay--I have not seen this movie. But if it's your favorite, I'm going to have to watch it. (I just found out it was filmed in 17 days. Will it terrify me?)
Susie Clevenger said…
A short film in 55 words. Scarecrows don't go anywhere that they don't leave something behind. At least he got to dance before straw abandoned him.
Steve King said…
A neat and complete story in just 55. I can see the characters dancing to your tune.

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