Doctor, what
do you think about
the unstable,
the under-represented,
the unexamined among us?

Doctor, do you
mind if we talk about it?
Without academia,
and completely off script,
not to mention
entre nous, in confidence, in bed, in your face, in extremis?

I'm sorry for the way I sometimes come off.
I'm like an old wheel on a new car.
One minute we're just talking and then, whoaaaaaaaaa.
It's cute how you throw your arms up to protect your face when you feel
a smile coming on, Herr Doktor.

Doctor, allow me
to introduce myself.
I am Starface, a foreign national,
face-down in the donut sugar,
dangerous when crossed,
quiet as a mouse in the back pew at Saint Sophia's,
ephemeral as an angel, holding my cross.
Does it surprise you? The sanctity? The symbology?
Say hello to my leedle fren.

Doctor, listen
here's what I think:
There's books and lectures and all that happy hopscotch,
but I'm wondering...
Have you ever been with a Turkish woman?
aren't you sick of all of it?
Come home with me, tell your receptionist 
that you're leaving to join the circus.
I will fix you grilled eggplant with yogurt,
and show you what a Turkish woman can do before three in the afternoon.

After, Doctor,
you won't be the same,
you'll be
fully rehabilitated.
Doctor, what do you think
about ghosts
What is your prognosis
about me,
about this?
Say hello, ahhahaha, my captive,
my crusader, my little friend laid out on the bed like an Orthodox cross
just wild to be kissed!


hedgewitch said…
"a foreign national,/ face-down in the donut sugar.." what a line. You know I'm not a quoter but sometimes you just force me to it. This little fantasia is truly a world traveler up and down the coasts of the psyche, and every port is teeming with image and surprise. I especially like the last lines(of course.) Turkish delight, indeed.
Sanaa Rizvi said…
I like the progression in this poem, a lot.. ❤️ giving me much to ponder upon.. do we really know ourselves.. how many levels must there be left untested.. unexplored.. especially loved the closing lines.. Brilliant write! ❤️
Magaly Guerrero said…
I wonder what the doctor will do. No one should say no to the circus or eggplants, when offered by a mind this wild...
tonispencer said…
One does wonder if the doctor truly knows or cares about these things.
Sherry Blue Sky said…
I love him covering his face to hide the smile. I dont do that. I let my cackles loose. How you do tell a tale! Highly entertaining.
Angie said…
Can’t have too many leedle friends!
Jazzbumpa said…
I think the doctor will come to regret
allowing himself to be seduced.

When the sating sweetness passes
the hangover will be awe inspiring.

Anonymous said…
oh the visions this conjures up. 'shudders'
Kerry O'Connor said…
I am Starface, a foreign national,
face-down in the donut sugar

I was so happy, as I was scrolling down to read, that the lines kept appearing - I didn't want it to end.