The Hope Here

The hope here is
that assholes in tin hats will stop being assholes,
and that careless or caustic or even well-meaning assholes
will stop breaking hearts, not to mention bones and buildings.

Don't spread violence, worthlessness,
smack-talk, gunfire or needless sadness.
Here. I'll start.

A quadrille for De.


Shay, thank you! From one asshole to another. I love you ... and this. :)

Bang-on ending. Love the mid-section, big time.
indybev said…

Oh, from your mouth to God's ear (minus expletives, of course)! If each of us start, perhaps the arseholes will go away.
brudberg said…
I hope for them too... I also hope to be less assholey myself.
hedgewitch said…
Don't we all wish this, now more than ever. I don't know if assholery is a curable condition, but we can, of course, always hope--and without hope, there's nothing these days.
De Jackson said…
Those last two words are so important. It starts with each of us.
LOVE this spill:
"stop breaking hearts, not to mention bones and buildings"

Yes, please. Just.STOP.
Kerry O'Connor said…
Too many assholes around - breaking hearts and smashing things. This gets right to the point in a way I can really appreciate.
Sherry Blue Sky said…
This is perfect. Thank you.
Frank Hubeny said…
What do you have to do to start?
Jazzbumpa said…
Your poems are usually enigmatic to me
Maybe I'm just dense that way
But this one is as clear and direct as a punch
In a Nazi's face.

qbit said…
"assholes in tin hats will stop being assholes" -- so good!!
Thank you - when world peace arrives, I'll make sure you get some of the credit. la la