Soft, The Dove

Butch, the top hat,
the collar and tails.
Soft, the dove,
in your hand for all of that. 

Rusted, the band,
the wheels in their wells.
Gone, the dove,
and the cocksure sleight of hand.

Empty, the trunk,
the wine glass by the bed.
Dove, a failed trick,
when the blackbird lands instead. 

Many, the props,
the act in its details.
Several, the doves,
their eyes, their cooing calls.

Returned, or so it seems,
conjured in my sleep.
Soft, the dove
I capture, then release.

for Magaly's Heart-Bits. Writing IS magic. But, to quote the poem/song, we decide which is right and which is illusion.

The included video unfortunately does not include the poem, but was such a good version otherwise that I have chosen it anyway.



Sanaa Rizvi said…
Gorgeously worded Shay!💞 Especially love; "Empty, the trunk, the wine glass by the bed. Dove, a failed trick, when the blackbird lands instead."💞
Khaya Ronkainen said…
YOUR writing is magic! The word play and vivid images do conjure up the unexpected, as if by magic. Love the hat too. 😊
Magaly Guerrero said…
The magic is in the release... and in the trick.

And what Khaya said, this is a delight to read aloud.
hedgewitch said…
This is an entire magic act in itself--I see the stage magician, baffled and astonished at what she somehow has done, because wasn't that a trick? No, not this time--something real and alive and dove-soft, wherever it lands. The bar once again goes whirling into the depths of the cosmos, where lovers and losers watch it sparkle so it dims the sight.
Cloudia said…
See, I find that spareness very powerful.
Nights in white Satin - I can match the flute solo for a perfect duet! Decades old muscle memory...
Sherry Blue Sky said…
Magically woven, and full of beautiful doves. I have two on my small baLcony, vying with six jays for seed.........
Gina said…
The magic will always live on in our dreams:) XXX
Victoria said…
Beautiful poetry! Your writing is infused with such magical imagery and a very lyrical energy weaving throughout. Loved every gorgeous word!
J C said…
Definitely magical, dreamy, hooks the reader.

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