Dogma Doppelganger Double Mocha Shake

You don't have to stay here.
Split, via
the inspiration in your mind
or the needle in your arm.
Pack your bags,
pack it in,
pack a punch,
be out to lunch,
but this--
this life
this body
this beehive of the mind
can be hoisted on the lift of the universal bump shop.
You don't have to
stay here
do this
answer the bell
stay in or out of Hell
read this poem
live this life
stay large or small
or anything at all.

Dig it.

For The Sunday Muse #49.


Kerry O'Connor said…
I dig it! I love the enthusiasm of the advice too..
Carrie Van Horn said…
I dig it too Shay!! I love how you wrapped a positive light around a deep dark thing. Some cool and wise words flowing here!!!
Sherry Blue Sky said…
Digging it! Takes us a while to understand this, but when we do, get outta our way.
Anmol (HA) said…
Great advice! The conundrum lies in internalizing and following it.
This bit spoke to me: "this beehive of the mind/can be hoisted on the lift of the universal bump shop."
WildChild47 said…
great use of rhythms and beats, to really get the energy to work with the words and cause a tempo - a call to action to stir ... and I agree with HA - I loved that part about the body and mind's beehive being hoisted up "on the lift of the universal bumper shop" --- that totally rocks for creativity!

Cool little poem that is a brilliant alternative to tired for the ears platitudes, no matter how well intentioned. Hell, if you wrote stuff like this for Hallmark or Carleton, I'd be buying up all your cards woman!

Happy 30-30 - and good luck :D
Spade at the ready, Shay.
. . . . . :)
tonispencer said…
10-4 fren. Ready and willing and able. I like the rhythm in this, it is almost like a quick step march. You said, I dug.
Kenia Santos said…
I love your rhythm, Shay, have always loved the power your poems carry.
Kim M. Russell said…
A whirlwind (shape) of imperatives and possibilities, Shay. It had my head spinning – and I dig it! I love the lines:
‘this beehive of the mind
can be hoisted on the lift of the universal bump shop’.
Priscilla King said…
I dig! Nobody "needs" anything. Right on.

(Please lose Captcha! I'm already signed into Blogger.)
Fireblossom said…
Priscilla King, not sure what you mean? Word verification is off. If you mean the "I'm not a robot" box they want you to check, you can ignore that and your comment will still go through. I can't remove it or at least I don't know how. Sorry! :-(
Susie Clevenger said…
I dig it, every word of it. You rock poetry and I am more than excited to read your poems.
hedgewitch said…
Advice is usually boring, even good advice--and who listens? But not here--the voice is strong and yet it's also impartial, non-judgemental, perhaps?Life is a forever opening box, if you can see it that way. Good kickoff for the April slogathon, Shay.

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