Triolet On Parting

This is an African wild dog, not a blackbird, obviously. But he inspired me.
The earth in motion, turns sun high, turns sun west.
We love, we leave, the blackbird and the marshland reed.
What is stone, what is wind? What is burned, what is blessed?
The earth in motion, turns sun high, turns sun west.
The bed and window, street and station, all our palimpsest.
Each in skin, each in summer; each in plenty, each in need.
The earth in motion, turns sun high, turns sun west.
We love, we leave, the blackbird and the marshland reed. 

for "Substitutes" at Real Toads.
Friends, I lack the words except when I write poetry.
And so, this poem is for all of you.

digital art by Andrea Hill




. said…
"What is stone, what is wind? What is burned, what is blessed?"
"The bed and window, street and station, all our palimpsest."


You aren't going anywhere. You have too much left to do here.
Namratha said…
Wonderful Triolet. Loved it. Every bit of it
Sherry Blue Sky said…
"We love, we leave...." but we wont let you......We know where you are and we will come find you. Because we cant miss a single poem of yours. Since I read your first, in 2010, I have not missed a single one. Smiles. Thank you, Shay, for all you have brought to Toads.......and for the deep pleasure you have brought me with the amazement of your poems.

brudberg said…
Oh.. there is nothing more important than questions... there is an overload of answers, but when it comes to questions, there is no one to answer them except in wind and poems.
Revived Writer said…
This is the best triolet I've ever read.
Kim M. Russell said…
A stunning parting triolet, Shay. I love the movement and the repeated line ‘We love, we leave, the blackbird and the marshland reed’, which resonates with one who lives near marshland reeds.
Susie Clevenger said…
Oh, but don't go too far. I feel so blessed to read your work. Keep writing and let us know where we can read at your feet.
Your poetry has always been such a joy to read – none more than this beauty! Thank you for enriching my life.
Carrie Van Horn said…
Love the repitition and love the questions! This is an amazing triolet Shay! I LOVE it!!
grapeling said…
just, stunning.

maybe you can leave, return, and leave again

every week

and write like this each time.

which you do, anyways. ~
Marian said…
Each in plenty, each in need...
This makes me feel rather needy myself :)
hedgewitch said…
A flawless triolet, Shay. The form takes backseat to the poetry of it, as it should, but holds up the jewels of words like an embroidered tapestry worked with gems. Life is so full and so empty, so barren and so rich, and you probably have never written any better than this, which is saying a great deal. I especially like the turn line about the sun/earth in motion, the feeling of change yet continuity that it gives. And only you could find the musical lilt to 'palimpsest,' a particularly favorite word of mine. Very fine writing indeed, dear friend. Right up there with 'parting is such sweet sorrow...'
Perfect triolet, Shay. It gave me the sense of a wheel turning.
Jim said…
I love this, Shay. Have you mellowed a bit? It is just great. My favorite lines, as most, were "We love, we leave,".
I really hope you are just teasing or testing, we like you here. I might get goofy again. Well, I did once more, Day 7, but I waited till late so there wouldn't be bad vibes. I tried to write a Vogon Poem but without the Vogon language it seemed a flop.
Outlawyer said…
Ah, just lovely. Thanks. k.
Kerry O'Connor said…
I don't know how I missed this poem! Unfathomable omission on my part, so thank you for steering me here.

As partings go, it is a keeper... as are you, dear Shay. I know you will not be gone too far, but will be found with the blackbirds, and big cats, and beautiful women. It has been a blast, friend. Certainly, a life-changing association for me.
Margaret said…
Truly - It reads so smoothly I never would have known this was a "form" poem. Nature and the sentiment blend so well here, with the poignant question... I hope that come May (is that the "date" you officially leave? ) is not a true goodbye but a "I will be hanging around and dropping in now and again... ". I can't imagine you not writing poetry ...
Fireblossom said…
Margaret-I will still be around, I just won't be an official Toad anymore.

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