Library Science

"Goddess, make this mirror your river...
show me what you would have me see." 
Another woman walks in
as I stand at the sink taking in
my own face and flaws and shaking in my boots.

Silly girl.
Silly woman.
Go out that door and up to the reference desk.
All this time,
all the books checked out,
and I still haven't talked to her--not really--yet.

I wonder what's in her mind?
Austen? Ferlinghetti or Faust?
I wonder what's in her bag?
Lipstick? A leather cord with an ankh?

Goddess, make my lips your instrument,
let me say what you would have me say.
I want to kiss her. I want to hear her whisper "yes..."
I want her not to think me a fool. 
Goddess hear me, Goddess bless.

She's with her desk. In her life?
Is my boho baby someone's girl? Someone's wife?
Gee I love her hair, her smart-girl glasses, 
her long fingers, her long skirt.
I think we could be really beautiful
or I could just look stupid and get hurt.

(Anyway, here goes nothing.)

Goddess, make my lips your instrument,
let me say what you would have me say.
I want to kiss her. I want to hear her whisper "yes..."
I want her to see me, and understand.
Goddess hear me, Goddess bless.

Now's the moment. Smile! 
Say something! "I...."
She tilts her head, I think she knows...
And then, so softly, "Yes?" 

For my last Fireblossom Friday at Real Toads. "Love."

I love this song. Good grief, scratch a cynic find a romantic, I guess.



Ornery Owl said…
I like the ambiguous ending.
hedgewitch said…
I had a feeling about this one, and yes, it's that one. But it has a knife's edge to it, also--how we can love the outside, what we see, so much, how it can speak to us, warm us, destroy us, that love of what we want/need so badly, whether it's there or whether it's a tease. You have captured all that so laconically, poignantly, and sweetly--for what are we without some shred of hopeful innocence in the face of love? I will miss your Fireblossom Fridays, dear Shay, but I know your poetry will always be here for me, and that is a great comfort.
Ellecee said…
So sweet, the angst of it all, feels like a happy ending, or perhaps just “yes, can I help you?” What then? Loved it❣️
Kerry O'Connor said…
Awww! Perhaps this one time it will be a happy ending! I hope she isn't 'someone else's wife or girlfriend.. but somehow all the best ones are already taken.
Jim said…
Sometimes the feeling's not reciprocal. Thanks for the nice prompt, you did well with it.
Sherry Blue Sky said…
I love "Goddess hear me, Goddess bless"....and that tilted head and soft...."yes?" A happy ending? What have you done with Shay? LOL, just kidding. I LOVE this poem!
Fireblossom said…
Laffin hard @ what have I done with Shay!
Sophia DiNola said…
I love how this captures a single moment in time—with all the thoughts and emotions, impressions, doubts and questions that infuse it. 😊
Other Mary said…
Awwww - that's soooo good!
Vivian Zems said…
Another classic and love the leaves me expectant.
Susie Clevenger said…
Oh, love..It is both timid and bold. I think that question of yes, got the right answer. :) Sigh, I will miss your Fireblossm Friday's, but I am comforted your pen will remain active.
Cloudia said…
Such an effective evocation of these moments that my knees are rubber
Outlawyer said…
Charming, funny and bittersweet all together. Thanks so much, Shay. k.
Beautifully captured. I like the delicacy of tone. And oh yes, what courage it takes to make that first overture.
Brendan said…
I haven't heard that prayer to the Goddess before, it's great syrup from the ages or a fine FB tap 'o the sap -- such ego and surrender in such a request -- like that Charlie Brown praying for contact just this once as he tries again for Lucy's Devil Football. OK, let's make it Peppermint Patty going after the ball ... Title so apropos because we are talking about poetry, right? About the Muse blessing us with a decent ululation this time?
Carrie Van Horn said…
That is an intense feeling when you feel that way so strongly and need to make a move, say something, take a chance. This is perfect Shay! Love it!!
Margaret said…
So good, that "Yes"... Perhaps not in the context desired, but clever ending to the poem. Thanks for all your challenges - hope you stick around the garden!
grapeling said…
sinuous, stupendous, and all the S words.

I do hope to keep reading you, Shay. I may not always comment, but I always read. It's been a singular privilege to be in your audience.
Sioux Roslawski said…
Shay--So, will there be a sequel, where the ending isn't so happy? ;)
Marian said…
Oh my goodness. I'm kinda stuck wondering if the reaction might be different upon learning it is Austen, or Ferlinghetti, or Faust, or someone else? Of course it would, that's part of the fantasy...