Ugly Bag Of Mostly Water

It's like being a fag hag except with space ships.
Oh yazzzz,
I love a man with a literal heart on his sleeve.
I love a woman with spots down her spine and two tongues.
Who's a girl got to kiss around here to meet a Venusian? 

Problem is,
that cute double-brained hottie with the exoskeleton flinches when I reach for him.
And my burbling hydro creature recoils when all I want to do is kiss her delicately foamed lips. 

Ugly bag of mostly water, they say.
Weird split biped without means of unassisted flight, they sneer. 
so uggos don't need love, too?

It's like being a fag hag 
except they don't appear as dancers in revivals of "Guys & Dolls" and get me tix
and they don't
"Oh honeyyyy" me when I'm down. 

Still, I don't think they really mean their GTFO's. 
Do they?

Watching too much Star Trek on Day 4 for Wordy Thursday.


Sherry Blue Sky said…
I hoped you would write to this prompt, and am so happy you did. And thank you for commenting on my poem. I love "Uggos need love too," but no one is really an uggo.......just a human wishing to be seen, and known. That hopeful question at the end, trying to ignore all the flinching and recoiling, just slays me. I have lived that denial, in my day. Thank you, Shay.
Kerry O'Connor said…
I would never miss a ride on one of your spacecraft poems! For all the sci - fi setting the emotional quotient is all too real.
tonispencer said…
even uggos need love...yes we do until someone does love us and then we are never the same. We become a bag filled with all the lovely things that make us us, just like a trip to a boutique grocery and the license to fill the bag with whatever strikes our fancy.
Do you know how badly I would like to hang out with you in person? Do you talk like this with your mouth? Or does this hilarity only come out in writing?
Ellecee said…
Wonderful, every one of us deserve love, even uggos,,let's cheer and hope for all,,
Vivian Zems said…
What a ride, Shay! Your world is filled with are your words. I've been suitable entertained. ( And Zeus says Woof!)
Kenia Santos said…
We the uggos need all the love we can get and will only pay you with more love.
Sherry Blue Sky said…
I LOVE "do you talk like this with your mouth?" Cracked me up. I have wondered the same thing.
hedgewitch said…
You cracked me up with this one. The perfect metaphor for feeling like an outcast alien, when the "others" are every bit as weird--or is it merely specialized to a different blueprint, colder, more cruel? Nonetheless, somewhere there is that foamy-lipped darling who knows exactly how you/we feel, I think.
Margaret said…
...too much Star Trek... Ha was always so odd it fascinated me - as does this poem!