"There you stood on the edge of your feather/expecting to fly" --Neil Young

April rain came like a too-long book.
Aimless starlings, poised buds, everything waits as I do also, indolent, supposing suns behind closed lids.

for Wednesday Muse "Busy Body" .


Magaly Guerrero said…
I really like the comparison between April rain and a too long book—they can both be a terrible or a wonderful thing, depending on the circumstances.
Kerry O'Connor said…
Yes, I could also feel the wait after reading the first line! An excellent mood piece in three lines.
Marian said…
Yes, yes, it does, it did. This is a great reflection. Love that Neil Young quote too :)
Carrie Van Horn said…
I absolutely love the line "supposing suns behind closed lids"!! Dreaming and sleep defined as I have never heard. Wonderful!!!
tonispencer said…
Yeppers. Sometimes the rain and the too long book can go both go on forever, sometimes weeks it seems. I ma reading the transcripts for Oscar Wilde's trial and it is heartbreaking.